Smart Pressure Transmitter – Aplisens APC-2000ALW Series


  • Measuring range: min. 0…1 mbar; max. 0… 1000bar
  • 4…20 mA, 0…20 mA or 0…5 mA output signal + HART protocol
  • Digital PROFIBUS PA signal
  • Display with backlight
  • Programmable range, zero shift, characteristic and damping ratio with local panel keys
  • SIL 2 certificate
  • Intrinsic safety certificate (ATEX, IECEx)
  • Explosion proof certificate (ATEX, IECEx)
  • Marine certificate – DNV, BV
  • PED Conformity (97/23/EC)
  • Accuracy 0,075% (0,05% on request)
  • Process connection: ½ NPT, M20 x 1,5; G ½”; flush diaphragm (G 1/2 ”; G 1”;M30X2); diaphragm seal
  • Gold plated diaphragm (Au)
  • MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) – certificate acc. to 2004/22/WE directive and OIML R140:2007 recommendations.

Smart pressure transmitters are applicable to the measurement of the pressure, underpressure and absolute pressure of gases, vapours and liquids. The active sensing element is a piezoresistant silicon sensor separated from the medium by a diaphragm and by specially selected type of manometric liquid. The casing is made of aluminium alloy cast or 316SS stainles steel, degree of protection IP66/IP67. The design of the casing enables the use of a local display, rotation of the display, rotation of the casing by 0–340° relative to the sensor, and a choice of cable direction.

The data interchange with the transmitter enables users to:

  • identify the transmitter
  • configure the output parameters:
    – measurement units and the values of the start points and end points at the measurement range
    – damping time constant
    – conversion characteristic (inversion, user’s non-linear characteristic)
  • read the currently measured pressure value of the output current and the percentage output control level
  • force an output current with a set value
  • calibrate the transmitter in relation to a model pressure


Metrological parameters
Accuracy ≤ ±0,075% of the calibrated range
≤ ±0,1%forrange no. 19)
Special version: ≤ ±0,05%of the calibrated range
≤ ±0,04%on request)
Long-term stability
(for the nominal measuring range)
≤ accuracy for 3 years
or ≤ 2 x accuracyfor 5 years
HSversion(ranges 3÷15): ≤ accuracy for 6 years
or ≤ 2 x accuracyfor 10 years
Thermal error < ±0,05% (FSO) / 10°C
(0,1% for rangesno.16÷19)
max. ±0.25% (FSO) in the whole compensation range
(0,4% for rangesno.16÷19)
Thermal compensation range -25…80°C
Special version: -40…80°C
Response time 16…480ms (programmable)
Exd version: 150ms
Additional electronic damping 0…60 s
Error due to supply voltage changes 0,002% (FSO) / V
Electrical parameters
Power supply 10…55 VDC
Exia: 10,5…30 VDC / Exd: 10,5…45 VDC
SIL2:15…45 VDC/SIL2 Exia:16…28 VDC
MID Exia:13,5…28VDC / MID Exd: 13,5…45 VDC
Output signal 4…20 mA+ HART
Resistance required for communication min. 240W
Wetted parts and diaphragms 316Lss, Hastelloy C 276, Au
Casing Aluminum, 316SS
Material of window polycarbonate glass, hardened glass
Operating conditions
Operating temperature range (ambient temp.) -40…85°C
Exia version -40…80°C
Exd version -40…75°C
Medium temperature range -40…120°C
over 120°C–measurement with use animpulse line or diaphragmsealsup to 100°C–PED version
CAUTION: the medium must not be allowed to freeze in the impulse line or close to the process connection ofthe transmitter


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