Smart Single Parameter Water Treatment Controller – Seko Kontrol 150


  • “Electrode quality” control function assists in the management and replacement of measurement electrodes
  • Independent and proportional control outputs with active PID and RS485 serial port with Modbus protocol
  • Equipped with user-set analogue and digital outputs
  • Remote alarm feature using dedicated relays
  • Back-wash probe function

Taking water-treatment control to a new level of remote management, Kontrol 150 allows operators to view data and adjust critical parameters in order to optimize chemical performance, save money and improve efficiency.

Via our unique SekoWeb portal, users can access their Kontrol 150 unit through their PC, laptop or smart device from any location worldwide and analyze live and historical data in order to adjust pH, ORP, chlorine, flow rate and other values.

Kontrol 150 combines this cutting-edge connectivity with SEKO’s renowned ease of use for complete programming autonomy and world-class operational efficiency in high-end water-treatment applications such as cooling water treatment, irrigation systems, swimming pools, wastewater treatment and reverse osmosis.


Ingress protection IP65
Power supply 100 – 240V 50/60 Hz


Seko Kontrol 150 – Smart Single Parameter Water Treatment Controller-DpstarGroup


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