Solid State Relay – Shimaden PAC03B Series


  • DIN rail mountable (Mounting Plate: Option)
  • Terminal Cover for greater safety
  • LED indicator turns on when control
  • Current Capacity: 10A / 20A / 40A
  • Internal Barister absorbs external surge current
  • Separate heat sink available (Option) for maximum performance

PAC03B Series is a medium power SSR with a maximum load current of 10, 20, and 40 A. Radiator (optional) can be selected. Action display LED is a standard feature. It is compact and light. UL-C/US certified.


Power Supply 100~240V 50 / 60Hz
Operational Load Voltage Range 35~264V 50 / 60Hz
Current Capacity 10A, 20A, 40A
(With Heat Sink, Ambient Temperature below 40°C)
Control Input
Control Voltage 3.5~30V DC
Off Voltage 1.0V DC max
Input Current 10mA max
Control Element Triac
Control Mode Zero voltage switching
Output Characteristics
Leakage Current (when output ‘OFF’) 12mA max (Power Apply=200V AC)
Voltage Drop (when output ‘ON’) 1.5V max (Operational Ambient Temperature=25°C)
Minimum Load Current 1.0Arms (Ampere root mean square)
Output Protection Internal Barister (430V)
Operational Lamp Red LED lamp
Insulation Resistance Between input/output terminals and housing case 500V DC 100 MΩ min
Dielectric strength Between input/output terminals and housing case 3000V AC 1 minute
Operational Ambient Temperature -20~80°C
Storage temperature -30~100°C
Weight Without heat sink With heat sink
65g (10A/20A) Approx. 260g (10A/20A)
95g (40A) Approx. 390g (40A)

Ordering Information

SERIES PAC03B– Zero Voltage Switching Control, Solid State Relay
Current Capacity 010– 10A
020– 20A
040– 40A
Heat Sink or DIN rail mounting plate 0 None
1 With heat sink (10A/20A)
2 With heat sink (40A)
3 DIN rail mounting plate
Remarks 0 Without
9 With( Please consult before ordering.)


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