Temperature Probes – Lae Electronic NTC10K


  • Sensor type: NTC10K, 10000Ω @ 25°C
  • Range: -40÷120°C
  • Sheath: O 6 x 29 mm; TPE
  • Cable: 2 wires x 0.35 mm2; -40÷120°C; TPE; loose leads
  • Protection: IP67

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A temperature probe can be defined as a type of sensor which is used to measure temperature. A temperature probe works by monitoring the change in resistance of the given area: solid, liquid or gas and converting it into a usable format for the operator.

NTC temperature probes – this type of temperature probe uses NTC thermistors (Negative Temperature Coefficient) which are often potted into differing bespoke housings dependent on customer requirements. NTC temperature probes are usually lower cost than other alternatives but they offer a quicker response time and are very sensitive. NTC temperature probes are usually the best choice for mid-range temperature applications from-40°C to +120°C for epoxy encapsulated NTC’s and up to +250°C for our glass encapsulated NTC range.

The application will determine the resistance value of the thermistor needed to create the required temperature output.

Applications for Temperature Probes

  • Industrial equipment
  • Patient monitoring
  • Transit
  • Computers
  • Home appliances
  • HVAC
  • Power and utilities
  • Calibration and instrumentation
  • Laboratory
  • Energy
  • Drilling


Sensor type NTC10K, 10000  @ 25°C
Range -40÷120°C
Accuracy ±0.3°C @ 25°C
Sheath Ø 6 x 29 mm; TPE
Cable 2 wires x 0.35 mm2; -40÷120°C; TPE; loose leads
Protection IP67


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