Thermal Fluid Analysis by Dpstar Group


  • Laboratory testing of the sample
  • Evaluation of system performance and laboratory data over time
  • Thorough discussion of results and recommendations to user can prolong the life of the system and the fluid

Dpstar Group offers analysis services in support of even better manufacturing—a service that only the heat professionals at Dpstar can provide! We help solve our customer’s problems with our many years of knowledge and specialized computer systems that visualize the heating conditions. We can create reproducible simulations, by means of testing and results that are demonstrated by modeling and physical properties. Dpstar’s technical experts perform fluid analysis to keep your process running smoothly, through consistent attention and system maintenance.

Making Temperature, Gas, & Liquids Visible

Temperature conditions are made visible, in order to understand and deal with heat-related problems at an early stage (for more reliable products).

Improving Temperature Distribution

Dpstar proposes the heater shape, wattage, placement, control method, and other matters (to improve product quality).

Verifying Products Before Manufacturing

  • We reduce the number of prototypes required and development time
  • The performance of expensive prototypes can be predicted in advance (to reduce cost)

Testing Services

  • We accept requests for individual tests. However, the real purpose of these tests are to consider the test results and make proposals that more closely realize the customer’s actual situation.
  • For example, the purpose of temperature distribution testing is not just to take measurements. Rather, the actions taken after measurement (for example, to even out the temperature irregularities that were confirmed) are often more important.
  • There may be other organizations that can do the testing, but it’s Dpstar—the heat professionals—that can propose what to do next.


At Dpstar Group, we use facilities both inside and outside our company to handle the tests shown below:


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