Thermal Imager – Raytek ThermoView TV40


  • Increase the throughput and efficiency of your process
  • Ensure products are manufactured to specifications to improve quality
  • Continuously monitor your site and equipment for safety

Thermal imaging solution that allows you to visualize and control your industrial process applications. Designed for the harshest applications, with multiple performances and personalization options, the TV40 thermal imaging camera allows users to view infrared and visible images, program unlimited areas of interest, data remotely, and more. The ThermoView TV40 is a high-performance industrial fixed thermal imaging system that allows you to expand your understanding by providing continuous infrared and visual feeds to visualize temperature data. The TV40 offers a fully integrated temperature control, monitoring, and data archiving solution.

With the ability to personalize your integration, the TV40 allows you to automate your process by programing unlimited “areas of interest,” programable alarms, utilize advanced pass/fail logic, and perform safety or asset inspections. Feed the data to your PLC or view feeds remotely.


  • Temperature monitoring
  • Critical asset monitoring
  • Press hardening
  • Brake testing
  • Lime kiln shell
  • Metal spin forming
  • Waste incinerator
  • Boiler monitoring



Power supply 20…48VDC, 500mA / power over ethernet (PoE)
Output 0/4…20mA, RS485 (2-wire half duplex)
Protection rating IP65 (IEC 529) / NEMA-4


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