Thermostat In Enclosure – Rainbow PTSC-050C Series


  • Suitable to control room control to run a fan or a heater.
  • Control with changeover contact.
  • Screw terminals for un-loosing.
  • Special design for installing on a DIN rail inside a control cabinet.
  • Bulb and capillary in the plastic housing.
  • Temperature control for 0°C to 50°C or 0 to 90°C.
  • 20A / 250V

PTSC-050C Series can prevent overheating and overcooling at the same time as a device that is designed to adjust the temperature inside all sorts of the control boxes.


A rise in temperature causes the expansion of liquid within the bulb capillary. The liquid acts on a diaphragm assembly within the plastic housing to open and close electrical contacts.



  • Control cabinet
  • Fan control unit
  • Space heater


Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Electric Rating 20A/380VAC
Switch Circuit Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
Net Weight 145g


Rainbow PTSC-050C Series Thermostat In Enclosure_DpstarGroup