Rainbow PTSC-090C Series – Thermostat In Enclosure


  • Suitable to control room control to run a fan or a heater.
  • Control with changeover contact.
  • Screw terminals for un-loosing.
  • Special design for installing on a DIN rail inside a control cabinet.
  • Bulb and capillary in the plastic housing.
  • Temperature control for 0°C to 50°C or 0 to 90°C.
  • 20A / 250V

Rainbow PTSC-090C Series is designed to regulate temperature inside various control boxes by preventing both overheating and overcooling simultaneously.


When temperatures increase, the liquid inside the bulb capillary expands. This expansion affects a diaphragm assembly housed in plastic, which in turn opens and closes electrical contacts.



  • Control cabinet
  • Fan control unit
  • Space heater


Temperature Range 0°C to 90°C
Electric Rating 10A/380VAC
Switch Circuit Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
Net Weight 145g


Rainbow PTSC-090C Series Thermostat In Enclosure_DpstarGroup