Thermscan-S Temperature Scanner With Built-in Facial Recognition


– 30,000 Persons Face Library Capacity
– 200ms Face Recognition Speed
– 1080P Pixel
– 7”IPS HD Screen
– 4/4.5mm Lens
– 2mm Tempered Glass
– 5-1.3m Temperature Measuring Distance
– 5-2.3m Work Distance



• Face Temperature Measuring
Based on infrared thermal imaging technology, it uses imported infrared sensor and 2MP wide-angle dynamic camera to perform face recognition at a distance of 0.5m-2.2m while collecting human temperature, even if wearing mask, which can better prevent cross infection.

• Facial Recognition
No need to take o_ mask, the face can be automatically captured for identification. The device can automatically recognize whether the person is wearing a mask, gives a voice reminder to the non-wearing mask and prohibit traffic, strengthening awareness of prevention.

• Fever Warning
The device sets a high temperature warning threshold of prevention. When it detects that the temperature of a person exceeds the warning threshold, a voice alarm mechanism is immediately activated to alert the risk of infection, effectively protect the health of personnel, and effectively and control epidemics.

• Data Query
The device supports the data network upload function, which can form the temperature detection data info a table, and capture the real-time portrait, upload to the background and send WeChat Push to the designated management personnel for tracking inquiry.


  • Safer – Avoid Hidden Dangers
  • Faster – Improve Prevention And Control Efficiency
  • Smarter – AI Smart Statistics


Suitable for permanent staffs which need to do attendance statistics, such as community, apartments, schools, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc. It should be installed to the indoor.


Main Processor MX3520
Operating System Embedded LINUX
Resolution 600*1024
Dimensions 7 inch IPS HD LCD screen
Type 2MP camera
Sensor 1/5″ GC2145
Resolution NIR 800*600 15fps
Lens 2.4mm
Type Daily camera
Sensor 1/2.8″ SONY Starvis Backilluminated
CMOS sensor IMX307
Resolution Color 1920*1080 30fps
Lens 4.5mm
Body Temperature Detection
Measuring site Full screen recognition
Temperature range Indifferent human body temperature
Temperature measuring
0.5-1.3m, 0.75m is the best
measurement accuracy
± 0.3℃
Face Recognition
Detection Type Mask detection only
Face recognition distance 0.5-2.3m
Face database capacity Max support 30,000 faces
Face Posture Vertical 58°-60°, horizontal 35°
Occlusion Ordinary glasses and short sea retention
have no effect on recognition.
Expression Under normal circumstances, slight
expressions do not a ect recognition.
Response Speed About 200ms
Face exposure Support
Local Storage Support storage of 25,000 records
Recognition area Full screen recognition
Upload Method TCP, HTTP, MQTT
Network Functions
Network protocol IPv4, TCP/IP, HTTP
Interface protocol Private protocol
Security Mode Authorized password
Event linkage Voice broadcast,Abnormal event upload
to the platform
System Upgrade Support remote upgrade
Supplementary light IR light, LED white light
Identification Module /
Audio out Built in Speaker support voice broadcast after successful recognition
Network Module /
Network Interface RJ45 10M/100M Network Adaptation
Alarm Input /
Alarm Output /
Relay Output Support
RS485 interface Support
TF card slot /
Reset key Support
Anti-disassembly switch /
Housing Aluminum alloy, Ultra-white tempered
glass panel, IP66
Operating Temperature 10 °C ~ 50 °C
Working humidity 10% -90% Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -40 °C ~ 70 °C
Storage humidity 5% -95% Non-condensing
Protection Level /
Power Supply DC12V
Power dissipation (maximum) ≤12 W
Dimensions (mm) 219 (W) * 111 (H) * 21.5 (T)
Bracket size (mm) Ø 33*189
Installation Method Desktop installation/ Floor installation /
Gate machine installation/ Column
installation/ Wall installation



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