Vaisala AP10 VaiNet Wireless Access Point


  • One AP10 supports up to 32 VaiNet data loggers
  • Secure firewall and tamper-proof data backup
  • Uses HTTPS communication and encryption to ensure secure data transmission
  • Powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) or DC adapter
  • Minimal infrastructure and no signal amplifiers are needed
  • Chirp spread spectrum wireless modulation is resistant to multipath fading

Dpstar is a leading supplier of environmental measurement sensors for temperature, relative humidity, pressure, dew point, CO2, and other environmental condition monitoring for industrial process application and research. Since the ’90s, we earned a reputation as a trusted partner to our clients through our commitment and dedication. We are an authorized distributor and supplier of measuring sensors solutions from renowned manufacturers Vaisala. Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Building on 80 years of experience, Vaisala provides observations for a better world. Vaisala is a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services.

Vaisala AP10 is a wireless device for Vaisala’s VaiNet technology. It connects up to 32 RFL100 data loggers to the viewLinc Monitoring System, transferring measurement data to the viewLinc Enterprise Server. It also allows remote configuration and management of data loggers by the viewLinc administrator. A wired Ethernet connection to the viewLinc Enterprise Server is needed. New data loggers are registered through the viewLinc Enterprise Server software, and AP10 automatically adds and syncs them.


Key Benefits

Longer range in complex environments
VaiNet communicates outside of more heavily trafficked 2.4 GHz bands, making the signal less vulnerable to interference. Additionally, VaiNet’s low frequency signal means much longer range and better penetration in complex, obstructed environments like warehouses; at least 100 meters.

Reliable connectivity
Once accepted in viewLinc, VaiNet data loggers stay synchronized, even in situations where other nearby VaiNet networks overlap. Redundancy is achieved through load distribution between VaiNet access points, which share multiple loggers in range.

Data integrity ensured
VaiNet AP10 access points transfer data from the data loggers to viewLinc Enterprise Server. Both the access point and the software verify that the data is received correctly. Once the data is verified, it is stored to viewLinc’s secure database and protected from tampering and loss.


Networking Standards Vaisala VaiNet
Wireless Connection Capacity Up to 32 supported devices
Modulation LoRa™ chirp spread spectrum modulation
Output Power 13 dBm (20 mW)
Antenna Non-removable external antenna
Typical Range (indoors) At least 100 m (approx. 330 ft)
Maximum number of access points in an area
Standard System 8
Large System 1) 32
Frequency Bands
Model AP10E 868 MHz
Model AP10A 915 MHz
Model AP10J 920 MHz
Model AP10T 922 MHz
1) Subject to additional installation requirements, including minimum distance between access points. See Guidelines for Large VaiNet Systems (M212596EN)
Compatible viewLinc Versions 5.0 and above
Supported Wireless Devices RFL100 data logger
User Interfaces Web browser interface
Touchscreen interface
User Interface Languages English, German, French, Portuguese,
Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese
Internal Clock Synchronizes with Network Time
Protocol (NTP) server. NTP server
connection required for operation.
Inputs and outputs
Supply Voltage Using Dedicated Power Supply Connector 10 … 30 V DC
PoE Power Class Class 0
Power Consumption Max. 13 W
Ethernet interface
Supported Standards 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
IPv4 Address Assignment DHCP (automatic), static
Power Supply Connector 2.0 mm center pin locking type DC power jack
Service Port Micro-USB (2.0)
Expansion Port USB type A (2.0)
Ethernet 8P8C (RJ-45)
Operating Environment
Operating Environment Indoor use
IP Rating IP30
Operating temperature −20 … +60 °C (−4 … +140 °F)
Operating Humidity 0 … 90 %RH, non-condensing
Storage Temperature − −20 … +60 °C (−4 … +140 °F)
EMC Compatibility IEC/EN 61326‑1, industrial environment
Electrical Safety IEC/EN 61010‑1
AP10E Model
EU Directives and Regulations RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) amended by 2015/863
Radio Equipment Directive, RED (2014/53/EU)
Radio Standards and Approvals ETSI EN 300 220-2
ETSI EN 301 489-1
ICASA No: TA 2020-7918
IMDA No: DB105576
TRA No: ER67585/18
Serbia: И005 21
Compliance Marks AAA, CE, UKCA
AP10A Model
Radio Standards and Approvals Anatel ID: 04763-19-12322
AS/NZS 4268
IC ID: 23830-AP10A
NOM ID: 1901C00393
Compliance Marks ANATEL, China RoHS, NOM, NYCE, RCM
AP10J Model
Radio Standards and Approvals MIC ID: 012-200006
Compliance Marks GITEKI
AP10T Model
Radio Standards and Approvals NCC ID: CCAP21LP1250T6
Compliance Marks NCC
Mechanical Specifications
Housing Color White
Mounting Methods Screws, tie wrap
Weight 386 g (13.6 oz)
Dimensions (H × W × D) 311 × 133 × 37 mm (12.24 × 5.24 × 1.46 in)
Housing PC/ABS blend
Display window Chemically strengthened glass
Antenna ABS


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