Veris H11D Current Switch


  • Backlit LCD – view the monitored current (up to 200 A) no need for expensive handheld meters and offers easy visibility in dark enclosures
  • Simplified troubleshooting – records and displays the amperage level that trips the alarm
  • Microcontroller based learning technology – automatically learns load upon initial power-up minimizes calibration labor
  • Versatility – slide-switch selectable trip point limits
  • Automatic calibration – reduced errors and installation costs
  • Reset function can be used when unpowered reduces the possibility of an arc flash incident
  • Induced from monitored conductor sensor power
  • LCD backlight – off at low currents; illuminates when monitored current exceeds 4.5 A, flashes during an alarm state while current remains above 4.5 A
  • Setpoint target range, switch setting A – +/-40% of learned nominal current; maximum learned current of 142 A to enable an upper trip limit at or below 200 A
  • Setpoint target range, switch setting B – +/-60% of learned nominal current; maximum learned current of 125 A to enable an upper trip limit at or below 200 A
  • Switch setting C – on/off status; contacts are closed while amperage is above 2.5 A
  • Alarm reset range – +/-5% of learned nominal current
  • Setpoint calibration learn period – 30 s; self-learning, pushbutton reset

Veris Industries is an energy and environmental sensor partner that provides quality products for commercial HVAC and other automation applications. We offer complete lines of reliable, long-lasting innovative power monitoring products.

The Hawkeye TruStat H11D is a microprocessor-based, self-learning, self-calibrating current switch. It is designed for user ease, providing calibration-free status for both under and overcurrent, an LCD display, and slide-switch selectable trip point limits. At initial power-up, the H11D automatically learns the average current on the line with no action required by the installer. Once a current is learned, the switch monitors for changes in current greater than the selected range.

Dimensional Drawing

Wiring Diagram


  • HVAC fans, pumps, and blowers.
  • Monitoring status of industrial process equipment.


Alarm target Ranges ±40% | ±60% of learned
Application Building Automation Systems
Current Measurement Accuracy ±2% of F.S
Current Measurement Range 2.5 – 200 A
Current Sensor type Current Switch, AC, Automatic
Electrical Wiring Size 24 – 14 AWG (0.2 – 2.1 mm²)
Measurement Type AC Current
Model H11D
Monitored Frequency Range 50 – 60 Hz
Monitored Wire Size 0.8″ (21 mm)
Mounting Split Core
Operating Humidity 10 – 90% RH, non-condensing
Operating Temperature 5 – 140 °F (-15 – 60 °C)
Output Specifications N.O. 1 A @ 30 VAC/DC
Outputs Switch output
Product Certification UL | CE
Product Type Sensor
Range H11 Series
Relay Coil Voltage None
Relay Contact Ratings None
Relay Poles/Throw None
Reset  Manual
Setpoint Automatic Calibration
Warranty  5 years


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