Vetrix V7T Three Phase Digital Thyristor Power Regulator (450Amp)


  • Downward-opened panel designed, Convenient for fuse replacement.
  • Top and bottom designation with good-looking covers, convenient to open, and pug-in for wiring.
  • The control wire is connected to the European style terminals, Re-wiring shall be not needed in case of replacement.
  • A High-speed Fuse is provided for protecting the main elements during an anomaly, eliminating external wiring, and minimizing the space for installation.
  • Stops output immediately after a 0.5Hz transient blackout, followed by buffered output. (This prevents abnormal Fuse Blowout caused by a power surge.)
  • Activating the circuit is independent of the main PCB circuit to prevent damage occurred in case of main circuit malfunction.
  • The automatic self-detecting function enables the availability of 45-65Hz frequency, Manual selecting or switching shall be not needed.
  • Operation Box Display provides real-time information for convenient operation, which allows an external connection to substitute for a voltage meter, current meter, or power meter
  • Voltage, Current, and Power have active RMS control.
  • Insulated RS-485 (MODBUS RTU) is used for communication, capable of connecting up to 250 units.
  • Capable of connecting multiple units for even distribution of power.

Our thyristor solutions meet your toughest design challenges. V7 Series ensures high product quality and reproducibility in applications ranging from simple to complex. With over 30 years of history, their precision and reliability are proven for any industrial manufacturing process requiring exacting material melting, heating, drying, or forming. It contains high-speed fuses to prevent damage to the main components when anomalies occur, freeing external wiring and reducing installation space.

Thyristor power controllers (SCR power controllers) control power or voltage supplied to a load. Typical applications are generally found where power needs to be varied and ultimately converted into thermal energy. For example, the controllers are used in industrial furnace construction or in plastic processing. Thyristor power controllers are operated with an alternating voltage in single-phase or three-phase. They are controlled by a controller and vary the activation time of the mains voltage for the load. Where the operating conditions do not require otherwise, the pulse group operation is recommended.

  • During normal operation of the controller, information from the Operation Box Display can be planned as: By Input Percentage, Output Percentage, Buffered Rise Time, Buffered Drop Time, Maximum Output Limit, Voltage Output, Current Output, Power Output, Fin Temperature, Power Source Frequency, External Analog Input Percentage, Value of Digital Input, Operation Time, etc.
  • Single Chip Control, input resolution 10-bit, output resolution 0.1%, multiple parameters to accommodate user settings to meet requirements.
  • One port is provided for attaching an RS-485 Com, an Analog Output (0-20 or 4-20mA), or an additional multi-function contact (electronic contact).
  • Signals such as 4-20mA, 1-5VDC, 2-10VDC, 0-20mA, 0-5VDC, 0-10VDC, isolated contact, Operation Box Input, COM Command (actual value or percentage) …etc., available for any kind of control signal.
  • Two Analog Signal Inputs can be defined for multiple functions: Anomaly Reset, Basic Output, Manual Setting, Maximum Output Limit, Manual/Auto Switch-over, Phase/Zero Distribution Switch-over, Phase/Zero Sampling Switch-over, Voltage Limit, Current Limit, etc.
  • Nine Control Modes: Phase Angle Control Proportion Output, Zero Cycle Sampling, Zero Time Sampling, Phase Start Up? Zero Cycle Operation, Phase Start Up? Zero Time Operation, Constant Phase Voltage, Phase Current Limit, and Constant Phase Power for meeting various applications – one single machine satisfies all your thermal load needs.
  • Equipped with Anomaly Detection including Fuse break, over-current, over-temperature, Temperature Sensor Anomaly, Current Detection, Low-current Detection, Load Decline Detection, load wire breakage, phase unbalance, voltage feedback anomaly, EEPROM Anomaly, etc., providing real-time protection against anomalies, together with 4 sets of anomaly records.
  • Multi-function Dry Contact can be defined as a Dry Anomaly Contact (NO), a Dry Anomaly Contact (NC), an Operation Contract, or a Current Detection Contact.


With a single-phase power regulator, and a three-phase power regulator, this can be used to control the heat source in the electric furnace, thermostatic bath, food, chemical, air-conditioning, and plastic molding.

Ordering Information

Product Series V7 V7 Series
Specification Type S Single Phase
T 3 phase (3Ph, 3W, 3Ph 4W)
Main Voltage 1V 40~120VAC 45~65Hz
4V 180~480VAC
6V 460~690VAC
Rated Current 030 30A
045 45A
060 60A
080 80A
100 100A
125 125A
150 150A
180 180A
230 230A
300 300A
380 380A
450 450A
580 580A
720 720A
Serial Number
Auxilliary Power 1 1Φ 110VAC
2 1Φ 220VAC
Add-on Card (DX terminal output) 0 No card
2 Analog output (0-20mA or 4-20mA)
3 Electronic Contact
Digital Operation Box K With Digital Operation Box
N W/O Digital Operation Box
Product Type P Standard (Proportion control)
V Voltage Feedback (Voltage Feedback control)
F Full Function (Voltage/Current/Power Feedback Control, Error Detection and Protection)
C Customized Subject to customized design if required.
Special Function S Special (for low harmonic wave control transformer only)


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