Vetrix VT-ULT Ultrasonic Level Transmitter


  • Simple operation
  • Fault self-diagnosis technology, realize real-time fault self-diagnosis
  • A variety of working conditions algorithm selection, improve environmental adaptability
  • High measurement resolution
  • Fast response, the fastest response time Automatic temperature compensation



Vetrix VT-ULT Ultrasonic level meter (measurement of liquid level/material level) is a non-contact, high reliability, cost-effective, easy-to-install and maintain liquid level/material level measuring instrument. It can meet most liquid level/level measurement requirements without contacting the measured medium. It is a new generation of ultrasonic level gauge with completely independent property rights of our company.


The ultrasonic wave is reflected when it meets the interface of liquid medium (solid medium) with different density, and the transmission time is measured to measure the liquid level/distance.



  • Fire water tank
  • Deep well water level River reservoir
  • Engineering pool
  • Sewage/wastewater
  • Chemical material







Model VT-ULT
Measure Range (0-5)m/(0-10) m/ (0-15) m
Blind Zone ≤0.35m (5m, 10m)
≤0.6m (15m)
Accuracy ±0.5%FS
Display Monochrome LCD with a resolution of 128 * 64
Current Output  (4-20) mA, the output accuracy is 0.2%FS
Output load is (U-18V)/0.02A (U:supply voltage,2-wire)
Output load is (U-14V)/0.02A (U:supply voltage,4-wire)
Measuring Variable Level/Distance
Power Supply 18-28 VDC
Resolution 1mm or 0.1%FS (maximum)
Communication RS485 (4-wire)
Relay Output 2 groups (4-wire optional)
Working Temperature Instrument: (-20~+60) °C
Probe: (-20~+80) °C
Ingress Protection Instrument: IP65
Probe: IP68
Relative Humidity (10-85) %RH (no condensation)
Language Chinese/English
Installation Method Threaded installation
Display Method With display (Optional without display. Refer to 1.5 for settings without display)





Ordering Information

VT-ULT Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
Measurement Range RT1 5m
RT2 10m
RT3 15m
Output O1 2-wire (4~20) mA
O8 4-wire (4~20) mA
Communication D0 No
D2 RS485
Relay Output A0 No
A2 2 relay
Power Supply V1 24VDC
V2 240VAC

Note: When 4-wire system is used, the default display is displayed. Single current output is 2-wire system, no RS485, no relay output.




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