Lutron VB-8205SD – Vibration Meters + SD Card Real Time Data Recorder


  • Real time data recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be download to the Excel, extra software is no need.
  • Acceleration : 200 m/s2. Velocity : 200 mm/s.
  • Max hold, peak value, data hold.
  • Memory (Max., Min.).
  • RS232/USB computer interface, Patented.
  • Vibration sensor is the standard accessory.
  • Patent: Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, USA pending.

Lutron VB-8205SD Vibration Meter boasts a real-time data recording feature, enabling easy storage of data onto an SD memory card, which can then be effortlessly transferred to Excel without the need for additional software. It offers measurements for acceleration up to 200 m/s² and velocity up to 200 mm/s, along with functionalities like max hold, peak value, and data hold. The device also includes memory capabilities for maximum and minimum values. Its RS232/USB computer interface is patented, allowing seamless connectivity. Additionally, it comes equipped with a standard vibration sensor, and its patents are pending in Taiwan, China, Japan, Germany, and the USA.



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