TTK FG-ECP Water Point Sensor


  • Compatible with Digital Systems
  • Detects and Locates Water Leaks
  • IP68 Protection Marking

TTK FG-ECP is a Point Sensor for water leak detection. It is designed to be used with TTK Digital Units FG-SYS or FG-NET to give instant detection of liquid leaks. Available with sense cable in U-shape and L-shape to suit different environments. In the event of a liquid leak or cable break on the FG-ECP, the connected digital unit will respond as follows:

  • An audible alarm is triggered and a relay is activated.
  • The location of the leak (address of the FG-ECP) and details of the fault (the type of fault: leak or cable break) are displayed on the screen.
  • The event report is sent to the BMS via MODBUS /JBUS protocol.


Compatibility Digital units: FG-SYS, FG-NET, FG-BBOX
Enclosure ABS flame retardant UL94V0
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C
FG-ECS Water Sense Cable Diameter  8 mm with PELD jacket
Protection Rating IP 68
FG-ECP Colour Blue for the box and dark blue for the sense cable
Dimensions (W,H,D)  105mm x 75mm x 55mm

Identification Codes

FG-ECP ‘‘U’’ Point sensor in U-shape
FG-ECP ‘‘L’’ Point sensor in L-shape
FG-ECP ‘‘Customized Version’’  including below 2 elements:
• FG-ECP: box only
• FG-ECS sense cable: at precised length
FG-NET Digital Touchscreen Leak Detection Panel 100-240VAC
FG-SYS  FG-SYS digital unit wall mounted in metal enclosure
TTK BUS 8723 Jumper cable


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