TTK FG-EC Water Sense Cables


  • Digital Pin-Point Leak Location
  • Embedded Microprocessor
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Made in Low Smoke Zero Halogen Material
  • Detects Water and Base Liquids
  • Pre-connected in Standard Length

TTK FG-EC sense cable detects and pin-point locates water leak & base liquid leak at any point along the cable. It is designed to be connected on FG-SYS , FG-NET and FG-BBOX. The typical applications are data centres, trading floors, high value and mission critical infrastructure. Each FG-EC sense cable is made with special Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH or LS0H) materials, it emits limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat.


Compatibility Digital units: FG-SYS; FG-NET; FG-BBOX
Diversion box: FG-DTC
Maximum Operating Temperature 65°C
Maximum Length of Digital Sense Cable per Unit Up to 120 lengths of FG-EC, connected to 3 circuits
Connector Type FCI-Clipper
Weight 25g per metre without connector
Sense Cable Diameter 7,5 mm with jacket (without connector)
Four Sensor Wires Diameter 1,2 mm with jacket
Breaking Strengh for Sense Cable Minimum 75 kg
FG-EC Colour Light blue

Identification Codes

FG-EC15 Addressable Water Sensing Cable in 15m In Low Smoke Zero Halogen Material
FG-EC7 Addressable Water Sensing Cable in 7m In Low Smoke Zero Halogen Material
FG-EC3 Addressable Water Sensing Cable in 3m In Low Smoke Zero Halogen Material
FG-NC(x) ‘TTK Bus 8723’ Neutral Cable Xm With Connectors
FG-TMC Digital End Plug for FG-EC/AC Cables
FG-CLC Leader Cable 3,5m, on ‘TTK Bus 8723’
FG-DTC Diversion Box for ‘TTK Bus 8723’
FG-DTCS Addressable Box for one Water or Acids Cable, on ‘TTK Bus 8723’ (Sector Mode)
CF-EC100 100 Hold-down Clips with adhesive for Water & Acids Cables
ES-EC 40 Tags for Water & Acids Cables


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