TTK FG-ECB Water Sense Cables


  • Digital Pin-Point Leak Location
  • Braid on External of Cable
  • Embedded Microprocessor
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Detects Water and Base Liquids
  • Designed for Suspended Pipe Solution
  • Pre-connected in Standard Lengths

The FG-ECB sense cable is specially designed for pipes solution. It is supplied with an external polyethylene based braided jacket. The TTK Digital Sense Cable FG-ECB detects and pin-points the location of water and base liquids leaks at any point along its length. The FG-ECB sense cable is designed for the FG-SYS, the FG-NET or the FG-BBOX Digital Unit to respond intelligently in the event of any leaks of liquids.

  • Detects and pin-points the location of a water/base leak to the nearest metre along the length of the cable.
  • Detects and localizes cablebreak on the cable.
  • The FG-ECB sense cable is a non-absorbent design that can be reused after leaks.
  • Cable drying is easy.
  • An external polyethylene based braided jacket keeps water around the cable thus assures an efficient detection.
  • Easy installation with pre-finished male and female connectors.
  • FG-ECB is to install under the suspended pipes, to be belt on the bottom of these pipes. No need drip tray.
  • Flexible design: in both liner and sector mode (via FG-DTC box).


Compatibility Digital units: FG-SYS, FG-NET, FG-BBOX
Diversion box: FG-DTC
Maximum Rated Temperature 65°C
Maximum Length of Digital Sense Cable per FG-SYS or FG-NET Unit Up to 120 lengths of FG-ECB, connected to 3 circuits
Connector Type FCI-Clipper
Weight 65g per metre
Sense Cable Diameter 7 mm
Sense Cable Core Diameter with Braided Jacket 9 mm
Liquid Quantity to Active Alarm 50-100mm on the sense cable
Drying Time 30 seconds after drying the sense cable
Breaking Strength for Sense Cable Minimum 75 kg
FG-ECB Jacket Colour White

Identification Codes

FG-ECB15 Digital water and base sense cable with braid in 15m length with connectors
FG-ECB7 Digital water and base sense cable with braid in 7m length with connectors
FG-ECB3 Digital water and base sense cable with braid in 3m length with connectors
FG-NC(x) ‘‘TTK Bus 8723’’ with female connector
FG-TMC Modular end termination plug
FG-DTC Diversion box
CF-EC100 100 hold-down clips with cold adhesive glue
ES-EC 40 signal tags


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