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Dpstar is a leader in providing integrated, intelligent solutions engineered to improve utility performance, lower energy consumption, and reduce environmental emissions. Dpstar can solve your problems and prevent them with a complete solution designed for your specific situation and requirements. Our packaged solution will include the innovative, hardworking products and comprehensive services needed to support the complexity of your project, all engineered to provide you with a reliable, long-term solution that demonstrates unsurpassed value and efficiency and improved utility performance. With over 30 years of experience, we take pride in the quality of our product and completed installations using only experienced engineers and quality robust pumps from leading manufacturers. We have specialists that can adequately supervise the installation of pumping equipment, and commission the system to ensure that the operational requirements are achieved. Our broad range of pumps and services covers essentially every application and benefits from our engineering expertise to meet every specification, service and spare parts solutions. Our range of solutions combined with our proven process ensures that you can rely on your pump system to operate quietly and efficiently day after day.

We provide high quality package pump systems designed for the toughest of industry conditions utilising the latest design techniques. We pride ourselves on a swift, professional response to ensure that we meet your design needs at all times. Our Pump and Package Solutions have been used in the following applications:

  • Chemical Injection
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Solutions
  • Anti-Oxidant Dosing
  • Flavoring Applications
  • R&D Environments
  • pH Adjusting Solutions
  • De-watering pump

Our Values

Customer Focus

We constantly strive to improve our product & service offerings to meet the needs of our customer base.


We are a specialist provider of professional and tailored solutions that meet and look after all your pumping requirements.

Product Expertise

Offering a full product range for all your pumping requirements, including an extensive range of ancillaries and service contracts to suit your specific fluid pumping requirements.


Our experienced and committed team work closely with our Clients to ensure each solution we provide meets the needs of the Client and project.

Custom Pump System Design & Engineering

Our custom engineered packaged pump systems are designed and engineered to accommodate the unique set of challenges of a given job site. We start by thoroughly understanding each project’s initial performance parameters and the likely long-term requirements revolving around the application. These evaluations are considered by our engineering staff prior to the selection, procurement and installation of equipment and components comprising the solution.

We work with our project partners to provide complete turnkey solutions including design assistance, calculations, project drawings, and specifications. Our equipment design information is prepared in the form which best fits the engineering platform of our partners. Our goal is to reduce your operational costs, maintenance costs, and enhance pump performance by providing high-efficient equipment, cost-effective, reliable, and quality solutions to our clients.

Our Services

Technical Consultation

Dpstar provides expert engineering and technical consultancy service including pump assessment, pump selection, pump-upgradation and re-rating across various industries. Our technical experts can help you choose the optimal pump based on your specific requirement and provides a unique solution to solve any existing pumping problems. Our engineers can also re-engineer pump components to improve efficiency and make your equipment more reliable and cost-efficient.

After Sales Service

Dpstar has experienced technical experts, who provide pump operation training on-site. We will help the pump operators understand how pumps work, their features, operational methods, common problems and their fixes, etc. Our extensive hands-on training help operators improve their skill and knowledge. We also train the operators to optimize plant performance, improve their reliability, efficiency and productivity.

Pump Commissioning

Correct installation processes and pump commissioning have a significant effect on the long-term performance and operational efficiency of a pump. Our experienced engineers will install and commission new, repaired or upgraded pumps in your facility. We also run on-site tests to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly, and the pumps run smoothly without compromising on performance and safety. We also help you remove or replace damaged parts from your facility.

On-Site Maintenance

Dpstar has experienced engineers who will assist you in maintaining and servicing your equipment for better performance and operation. Our experienced engineers also ensure that all equipment is serviced properly and repaired according to strict quality standards. Dpstar also provides custom onsite maintenance programs to its clients where we take care of all aspects of maintenance, from project management to planning and execution, including spare parts supply.

Industry We Serve

Dpstar offer pump package design and build solutions to a wide range of industries. We help to resolve customer’s challenges under diverse and severe conditions such as high pressure, no leakage and extremely-low temperature. Our dedicated team can deliver a quality range of pumps and service and repair facilities while also offering complete pump package solutions through our specialist projects and engineering service.

Food & Beverage

We provide pumps and pump systems designed for the food and beverage industries. We propose cost-effective systems that cover important processes such as transport, metering, mixing, heating, and cooling.

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

As a leading distributor of pumps and pump systems designed for the pharmaceutical product, life science, and biotechnology industries, we are committed to providing solutions that properly meet customers’ process requirements as well as legal requirements.

Oil & Gas

With abundant experience and high reliability, we provide pumps, packaging, and systems for the production and transport of oil and gas. With a wide range of product options and services, we respond to the needs and issues of customers around the world.

Chemical / Petrochemical

We provide customers with pumps adaptable to various applications in chemical and petrochemical fields and customized package and system solutions to meet individual needs.


Water supply plays an essential role in a farm’s operation. We supply a wide range of pumps that suit all types of properties. We have the expertise and experience to assist you.

Facilities Management

To ensure your buildings mechanical systems are in their optimum form. We provide a wide selection of pumps for boilers, air conditioning systems, heating systems and more.

Power Generation

We provide pumps and systems designed for power plants and electric power suppliers. Boasting high durability and reliability satisfying severe requirement specifications, our products are employed in important processes and waste water treatment process in power plants.

Improve Your System Performance

With our 30 years of proven application experience and dedicated Product Development Team, we have the resources to deliver the best and most up-to-date solutions for almost any given scope from a single service to the most complex solutions. We provide a wide range of pumps to fulfill your different application needs. Explore all of our products below:

Maximising Your Pump’s Performance Today!

Our team of highly skilled engineers is dedicated to working closely with you to ensure that all custom-built applications consistently meet individual project requirements. Get in touch with our team of expert pump system today!