Dpstar is a custom heater manufacturer engineering product that improve efficiency, enhance product reliability, and reduce costs for our customers. Dpstar provides a comprehensive product portfolio for countless industrial hot air applications and production processes. Dpstar has the proven expertise and knowledge to engineer products appropriate for demanding applications. At Dpstar we are continuously improving and optimizing our technology, building progressive heat-treating equipment through systematic innovation and partnerships. We design and manufacture hot air blowers according to the needs and requirements of our customers, and can customize them upon request to the meet more specific requirements as and when necessary. The hot air application is very simple, that’s because the temperature is very easy to regulate, the maximum temperature that these heaters can achieve are around 650°/700°C although some specific heaters, could be able to reach temperature up to 800°C – 900°C.


As pressure is rising for methods to remove odors and fumes as well as keep air clean, the use of industrial blowers has been rapidly growing for several years. Nearly every industry requires a ventilation system, air transfer, or air cleaning method. In the case of product handling and transport, industrial blowers have been a central part of their operation since their inception. Industrial blowers play a vital part in several industries as a means of creating safe conditions and removing unwanted substances.

Food Industry

The food industry makes special use of industrial blowers above and beyond the need for clean air. Any equipment for the food industry has to meet the demanding requirements of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and must be completely sanitary to comply with industry regulations. Though clean airflow is a necessity for food production, there are several other functions that industrial blowers perform. Prior to production, hot air tools are used for sterilizing and cleaning machines and devices, as well as roasting coffee and drying fruit. Chocolates and other sweets are enhanced by the use of hot air, thanks to their high level of controllability and precise temperature regulation. Hot air blowers enable safe process control for optimum protection of food.

Cement Manufacturing

In the dry method of cement production, raw materials are crushed, pulverized to be reduced to granules or powder. The crushed materials are then mixed together in a kiln to form cement. The cooking process of the kiln produces gases that have to be removed while the mixture is blended into a powder to form concrete for mixing and building. Blowers are used as part of the pneumatic system to transport the raw materials to various parts of the system such as into the kiln and bagging the finished product. They are also used for aeration, feeding oxygen, and part of cooling systems.

Oil Refining

Low-pressure industrial blowers are a central part of conveying petroleum materials for product production. Part of the refining process is the production of toxic hydrogen sulfide. Thermal incinerators are used to oxidize the sulfur by cleaning it. Blowers enhance the combustion process to assist in further cleaning of the gases. In the production of carbon, which is used to produce plastics, paints, and ink, combustion is used to produce the material. Blowers supply high volumes of air to the furnaces and assist in injecting natural gas, which allows thermal decomposition to occur.

Paper Production

In paper production, the drying process is often accelerated with hot air. When the paper is subsequently printed, it is important that the ink dries quickly to avoid staining. By using hot air, printed paper sheets and paper rolls dry faster and can thus be processed efficiently. Another common application of hot air in paper processing is the lamination of paper and board with plastic film. Wallpapers are also laminated to enhance them or make them washable.


In the automotive industry, hot air is required to manufacture and process plastic and composite parts, e.g. for riveting components for door panels or for laminating dashboards. Hot air blower is also used in the production of batteries and motors for electric vehicles. The increased use of lightweight materials to achieve lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions also increases the demands on new, efficient manufacturing methods. That is why hot air is often used to accelerate the process of hardening, laminating, drying and coating.


Dpstar air heaters enable precise thermal process control, plus high availability for a large number of production processes within the electronics industry. In addition to soldering applications in electronics production, hot air is also used in wafer manufacturing. Thus, the sensitive silicone discs are blown evenly and gently with hot air from both sides during processing into photovoltaic modules.

Medical Field & Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceutical industry, a great deal of importance is placed on reliability and cleanliness. Safe process control depends on precise controllability. Dpstar hot air blower can even meet these stringent requirements. They are used for forming and sealing blister packs and for drying and smoothing pills or tablets.

Wastewater Treatment

The purpose of industrial blowers for wastewater treatment is for tank aeration, which has to be maintained round the clock. The types of industrial blowers have to be highly reliable and be low maintenance. Another aspect of wastewater treatment is the potential for methane gas and other types of gases, which can be dissipated with industrial blowers.

Textiles & Clothing

Manufacturing tissues, mixtures, netting, fleece materials, and felt requires hot air for drying after dying or washing, as well as the coating of functional textiles. Polypropylene and polyester tissues require hot air in fully automated, fast-paced systems, where the power density of the hot air blower and their high maximum temperature come into effect to shorten the production time.

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