Dpstar Manufacturing has over 30 years of experience in the application, design, and Manufacturing of tubular immersion Heaters. We have many standard designs for quick replacements and convenient ordering. We also has extensive experience in project work throughout Malaysia, with custom-designed electric immersion heaters for tank and circulation flow applications.

Industrial immersion heaters are used for direct liquid immersion heating applications. They are constructed of one or more heater elements brazed or welded into various types of mounting fittings. Standard and custom engineered designs are available for tailored solutions to your thermal application needs.

Screw plug immersion heaters are used in almost every liquid heating application, including water, mild solutions, detergents, petroleum products, electroplating, vegetable oil, tar, asphalt, grease, or gas. Various sheath, screw plug, and corrosion-resistant hardware materials are available. Optional Thermocouples for control or high limit protection and Thermostat controls can also be provided. A wide variety of custom designed solutions are available.

Common Screw plug size: 1”, 1.25 ”,1.5”,2”,2.25”,2.5” and 3”
Heater Options: Terminal Enclosure, Thermostat, Thermocouple or RTD, Construction option.

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