Many materials become viscous at room temperature, notably sugars, syrups, fats,lubricants and a variety of chemicals. Without heating,product typically cannot be discharged quickly from a drum into the production process, even at room temperature. Heating the drum,or other container type, provides a practical and effective method for maintaining process efficiency, by allowing faster decant of ingredients at all times and in all environments

Raising the ambient temperature to improve production efficiency is a costly and often impractical process. Effective drum and barrel heaters eliminate waste and lower costs that arise from damaged materials caused by improper storage.A further advantage of heating drums is a better product yield. Without heating, many contents cannot be fully discharged due to their viscosity, leaving waste product in the container which can add significantly to manufacturing costs.

Maltec Drum Heaters and base heaters can thus deliver valuable advantages to the manufacturing process, with reduced waste and shorter production cycle times.


  • Melt or preheat process ingredients
  • Heat drum contents to required temperature
  • Control viscosity for handling processes
  • Heat drums to protect against freezing
  • Speed flow of liquids with a drum heater
  • Maintain liquid temperatures in water purification systems
  • Use oil drum heaters to raise and maintain temperature during biodiesel production.

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