Dpstar is engaged in the design and manufacture of heat transfer systems. We have over 30 years of experience in heat transfer technology, our company blends modern technology with extensive technical know-how to create imaginative products to serve customer’s needs. It is one of the pioneers in Thermic Fluid Heating Systems, a revolutionary product for efficient and cost-effective heat transfer.

Food & Beverage Industry

Dpstar, the global leader in steam generator system engineering and management has given many customised applications solutions.  Dpstar provides all of the heating systems and services necessary to the food & beverage industry. Many areas and applications within the food & beverage industry rely heavily on heating systems and services. For instance, tank & suction heating provide proper freeze protection and fluid temperature maintenance, while the right heating systems are critical to overall plant utility heating. Indirect steam generators provide the rapid and even heating that these food and beverage facilities count on, and of course, industrial ovens & fryers must be heated both efficiently and consistently.

Everything Under Control

Modern boilers are controlled by an electric switchboard including general switch, starting the burner, speed selector in the two-stage mode, digital steam temperature controller, block warning lights in case of water block, overload block, pressure block, chimney block, maximum water pressure, steam block and burner block. Integrated in the electrical panel, in many cases, there is a diagnostic system that monitors and reports on the main functions of the generator. Systems for the computerized control of all parameters of a plant can be installed.

Energy Recovery

Energy recovery is an important factor in the choice of a steam generator. Many plants are designed to reduce energy losses, improve the production of steam and reduce fuel consumption. It is possible to recover heat from the fumes and from the flash steam generated in the condensate return, which carries a high energy content, and by cooling the emissions of the steam generator.

Treatments For Water Purification

The quality of the waters fed into steam generators must be controlled as required by the standards UNI EN 12953-10 (for fire-tube generators) and UNI EN 12952-12 (for water tubes generators), and must undergo chemical-physical treatments, to reduce the risk of corrosion and formation of deposits that may affect the operation of the generator.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Steam generators at pharmaceutical plants are used mainly for following purposes:

Heating Of Preparations & Various Media

In this case, steam produced by steam generator (steam boiler) is used to heat the closed volumes of various media preparations media. In this case, steam does not directly interact with heated object, it heats the hermetically sealed container, containing the drug. Special requirements to the quality of steam used for this purpose are not presented – the main condition is the exact adherence to the temperature regime.

Maintaining Specified Humidity Level

When using a steam generator to maintain required humidity in production premises, level of steam purity differs depending on the purpose of the room.

Generators of pure steam are most often used for maintain the humidity of industrial premises. In such generators, water that has passed many degrees of purification (and practically free of neither physical, nor chemical impurities) is heated by means of ordinary steam through a heat exchanger made of stainless steel. The pure steam generator itself and the steam lines leading clean steam to the production premises are also made of stainless steel.

Sterilization Of Equipment & Premises

Maximum level of steam purity is required when using steam for drugs maintaining, production equipment and premises in a sterile state. According to this application, steam directly contacts the product that produces its equipment and the packaging in which the product will be stored – the use of unsealed steam will lead to a serious deterioration in quality of finished product.

A steam suitable for such purposes is obtained in special generators of pyrogen-free steam (steam produced in such steam generators is of higher purity than after the pure steam generator), the liquid obtained during the condensation of such steam, by properties with water for injection. The water in such generators is heated (through the heat exchanger) by the technical steam, which is obtained using a conventional steam generator.

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