The AOIP MEGOHM 200 is a multi-purpose electronic resistance measurement instrument particularly suited for maintenance, verification and reception of telephone lines, and more generally of all low voltage cables.

It measures insulation resistance, loop resistance, AC and DC voltage and detects threshold crossings.

  • Analogue and digital megohmmeter
  • Analogue and digital continuity ohmmeter
  • Adjustable test voltage from 50 to 500 V
  • Rugged, lightweight and IP54 for onsite use

AOIP MEGOHM 200 has dual analogue / digital display:

  • Analogue, to display the trend and a threshold crossing eventually (programmable limit)
  • Digital, for an improved accuracy

Designed for onsite use, the instrument features a rugged protective sheath, uses latest generation Li-Ion batteries with short recharging time, and has a large graphical display showing all information about the test performed.

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