Pharmaceutical industry demand sensors that have a hygienic design and high degree of accuracy so that the processes are contamination free. Since most products for medical applications directly relate to the health and lives of people, their quality is strictly specified to be “clean and sanitary” in the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act. For the temperature sensors which are used in manufacturing processes, “sanitary design is a mandatory condition in order to retain a clean manufacturing environment without foreign substances and a microbiologically clean status.

Our sanitary-specified temperature sensors have high quality and have been designed sufficiently taking this condition into account, you can use them securely. In addition, we offer temperature sensors optimum for installing on medical devices, which make it possible to measure the temperature of fine targets with high precision and high speed.

Dpstar Group offers a wide range of products that meet with required process standards for this industry.  We manufacture products that have rugged design and high reliability needed for accurate validation and control. We serve various pharmaceutical industries with our high accuracy, long-term stability and consistent temperature sensors and accessories.

Applications for Pharmaceutical Processing

Package Machines

The most common package that requires heat in the drug industry is shrink packaging used for individual packages and packaging for quantities of an item to be shipped to distribution points. This type of package has become popular with the concern over tamperproof packaging.

System configurations can vary dramatically, but process controls for most systems usually consist of an air circulation heater, a thermocouple located at the exit from the heater, and a proportional-only controller. The heated air is applied to the package, which has heat-sensitive film loosely tacked in place. The film shrinks tightly when heat is applied, securing the package and making it evident if tampering occurs.


Chambers for sterilization are common on pharmaceutical production lines. They typically use steam for sterilization. High accuracy requirements usually dictate the use of an RTD sensor and a proportional or PID-type controller. Modern sterilizers will use multiple RTDs in the drainline to monitor the sterilizer chamber and another RTD in the heating jacket. These will work together to provide precise process control.

Manufacturing Processing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing employs many different physical processes such as fermentation, heating, granulation, blending, filtration, chemical extraction, tableting, compression, coating and drying. Many of these processes involve the application or removal of heat, for which thermocouples will be used to measure and provide feedback to the process controllers.

Where temperature measurement is critical and high accuracy is a process requirement, RTDs will be used in place of thermocouples. As always, placement, construction and configuration of these thermocouples will be dependent upon the individual application.

There is an exhaustive list of industries and applications that need and use thermocouples and RTDs, so this article only scratches the surface. It should, however, provide a basic background of the technology and the ways in which temperature-sensing devices are employed to create better end products in the process industries.

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