Dpstar is a leading supplier of temperature measurement sensors and scanners. We are providing professional design solution services to identify and track people with fever to prevent COVID 19 from spreading in your organisation. Plan your prevention today during the pandemic and give us a call for the best solutions at a great price!

The Advantages of Thermal Scanner Solutions by Dpstar Group

  • Cost-Effective: cameras can measure the temperature of multiple people at once, especially beneficial in busy public areas
  • Non-contact Measurement: effectively avoids cross-contamination
  • Reduced Psychological Impact: the non-interfering process provokes less fear and negative emotions
  • Data Collection & Integration Capabilities: centralized data collection enables data analysis and thermal imaging technology can be integrated with other solutions, such as facial recognition, alarm systems, and more, for effective response and tracking

Temperature Scanner with Built-in Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Scanner Solutions

Temperature Screening with Access Control. Touch-free, Acess is easier and safer. Real-Time Temperature Display and Abnormal Temperature Alarming.

Application: Suitable for permanent staff which needs to do attendance statistics, such as community, apartments, schools, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.

Thermal Human Body Fever Scanner

Thermal Human Body Fever Scanner Solutions

Our Thermal Human Body Fever Scanner can measure the object’s temperature at high accuracy in real-time ±0.3°C. Using the Thermal Human Body Fever Scanner, we are capable of discovering and tracking people’s body temperature in crowded public areas. Being portable, it can be deployed at a specific location to monitor human traffic.

Application: Airport, Customs, Hospital, Hotel, Shopping Malls, Offices, Building lobbies, factories & Plant and etc.

Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera | Thermographic Handheld Camera

Thermographic Handheld Camera Solutions

With a Wi-Fi module, the handheld camera can connect to a PC or a smartphone. It also features a built-in speaker for audio alarm.


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