Where to Buy Thermal Scanner for Fever?

Dpstar Group is the top supplier of Thermal Scanners supplier in Malaysia. We have thermal fever scanning solutions in view of recent COVID-19 that is badly affecting all of us. Our Thermal Scanner is excellent for high traffic places like hospitals, universities, corporate towers, hotels, plants, factories, train stations, airports, government building and shopping malls.

Advantages of Thermal Technology

  • AI technology ensures thermographic cameras only detect human skin-surface temperature to reduce false alarms of other heat sources.
  • Compensation algorithm ensures the temperature is compensated with ambient temperature and the distance of the measured target for better accuracy.
  • Thermal technology has been applied widely in temperature screening scenarios as it offers more flexibility and efficiency in preliminary screening of elevated skin-surface temperatures

Thermal Screening Solutions

Fast, preliminary detection for temporary deployment

  • Location: cameras set up on a tripod or other temporary installation are placed at existing entrances at train stations, bus stations, subways, airports, etc
  • Advantages: can be deployed and removed quickly based on the entrances in use and in the case of an emergency

Solutions deployed at existing security gates

  • Location: equipment installed at existing entrances and gates
  • Advantages: can be integrated with alarm systems and data can be stored locally on centrally

Thermal imaging solution integrated with identification

  • Location: fixed entrances in companies, schools, factories, communities, etc
  • Advantages:
    • Body temperature detection integrated with facial recognition for specific identification
    • Real-time sound warning enabling personnel to respond quickly
    • Information uploaded onto a centralized platform in real-time for effective management

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