Thermowell is use to protect temperature sensors such as thermocouples, thermistors and bimetal thermometers against damage from excessive pressure and corrosion installed in industrial processes. Maltec-H Thermowell is basically a hollow metal tube with one end sealed and it is usually mounted permanently in a vessel or pipe work. The sensor is inserted into it and makes contact with the sealed end.

They also increase the longevity of the sensor, allow sensor replacement without draining the system and reduce the probability of contamination.

Thermowells are categorized according to the design of the stem. A straight thermowell is the same diameter throughout the entire insertion length and offers protection against corrosion and erosion. Stepped thermowells usually have a ¾” diameter at the top which is reduced to ½” diameter near the tip. The reduced surface area allows smoother velocities and faster temperature response for sensing devices. Tapered thermowells have a diameter that decreases gradually over the length of the insertion length. They offer superior strength as well as fast response times to temperature changes. Tapered thermowells are most often used in high velocity applications. Case studies performed on straight and tapered thermowells used in natural gas pipelines found that straight thermocouples experienced premature failure when exposed to flow induced vibrations.

Dpstar manufactures and supplies various type of thermowells.
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