Dpstar is the leading industrial water treatment solution provider in Malaysia with over 30 years of experience in providing monitoring system for water treatment industry. At Dpstar, we understand the importance of effective network monitoring and have developed an innovative range of level, flow and data logging solutions to support you in maintaining your sewer system. Dpstar’s water technology and monitoring systems allow our customers to analyze and manage their water treatment system with ease and efficiency.

Water and wastewater companies rely on Dpstar Systems products to help ensure uninterrupted production of critical resources. Whether you are designing for a new application or updating an existing one, Dpstar Systems offers industrial automation and networking solutions that provide the connectivity, monitoring and control required to get the job done. Across the country, a vast network of municipal and private facilities ensures protection of both the environment and public health in regards to water treatment. Whether monitoring drinking water from the source or treating wastewater before it can be released into the ecosystem, managing water resources involves multiple highly complex processes. Data loggers provided the wireless monitoring solution for a company storing wastewater tanks that required temperature, level, flow, and pressure monitoring. The tanks contained polluted wastewater awaiting treatment and had to be constantly monitored and maintained within a specific range to keep bacteria from growing.


Water Level

Data loggers can accurately monitor and record water level and temperature over time in harsh, difficult environments to assist in compliance with standards enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency and National Primary Drinking Water Regulations.


The temperature of wastewater is a major concern because when temperature levels are too high, it can have an impact on the microorganisms in the activated sludge system. The maximum temperature of the wastewater entering a biological reactor should be less than 35 °C (95 °F). Any higher temperatures will damage the biological system in the water.

4-20mA Output

Dpstar’s process data loggers are ideal for measuring and recording 4-20mA output from wastewater instrumentation, such as flow meters. The devices are engineered for accuracy and flexibility unequaled in the 4-20mA loop sensor and control industry. Dpstar loggers can be inserted almost anywhere because they add very little resistance to the loop (10Ω typical). Additionally, customized Engineering Units can be defined to map the measured data to almost any unit imaginable.

Water Pressure

Maintaining correct pressure is necessary to guarantee that water treatment systems are operating as intended. Low pressure may be indicative of problems within the system that lead to sluggish operation while higher-than desired pressures can be damaging to sensitive equipment. Data loggers can monitor the pressure throughout water treatment to ensure process efficacy and protect system integrity.


Whether treating drinking water for human consumption or preparing wastewater to be released back into the environment, monitoring pH is one of the most important aspects of the treatment process. Monitoring the pH of drinking water is crucial because acidic (low pH) water will leach metal from pipes, causing health risks and damaging infrastructure while basic (high pH) water often has an off-putting taste. In wastewater applications, pH adjustment helps remove heavy metals and other dangerous toxins from the water. To support these processes and more, Dpstar offers user-friendly pH logging solutions.

Your One-Stop Solution For Industrial Water Treatment Monitoring System

At Dpstar, we ensure safety, quality, and efficiency by measuring and recording crucial data for inconsistencies that directly impact the success of a business. Our customizable data logging solutions provide real-time monitoring for applications where the slightest change in the environment could be destructive. Our experienced team will help you achieve your water treatment goals while reducing costs and preserving your assets.