AOIP CP6632 is a handheld accurate calibrator for process signals (150 ppm reading accuracy) that measures or generates process current and voltage. Robust and easy-to-use, this instrument has been designed to make maintenance operations easier on sensors and transmitters using process signals such as 4-20 mA or 0-10 V.

The instrument is adapted to the various process installations due to scaling function and specific ranges. It can simulate ramps, steps and fixed values to control process transmitters, panel meters and recorders.

Temperature coefficients are low: 15 ppm /°C in voltage and 20 ppm/°C in current. The high accuracy of 150 ppm makes AOIP CP6632 an ideal standard for onsite use even in demanding environmental conditions.

AOIP CP6632 is delivered with 4 alkaline AA batteries in standard. The optional battery charger used a rechargeable battery.

Key features:

  • High accuracy: 0.015% reading with an adjustable resolution of 1 mV and 1 µA
  • Values displayed in A, mV and %
  • Low temperature coefficient: 15 ppm /°C in voltage and 20 ppm/°C in current
  • Active or passive loop power supply
  • Measurements with HOLD function
  • Simulation of ramps, preprogrammed steps and synthesizer values
  • Display of minimum, maximum and average value
  • Backlight

You can contact Ms.Toh for any questions via the phone number 012-295 1393 or email to [email protected]