Dpstar Group is leading supplier for air pressure switches. We have two kinds of differential pressure switches. The mechanical differential pressure switch (PS) is a cost-effective solution for filter monitoring and other applications, where on/off information is required. The electronic differential pressure switch (DPI) have up to two relay outputs, each of which can be configured independently, together with 0-10V output. Therefore, it is the right option for more sophisticated building automation systems. It is suitable for boiler pressure monitoring and alarm.

Need an alarm for your Differential Pressure Transmitter? Select DPI – A transmitter with relay output!

Electronic Differential Pressure Switch And Transmitter

The DPI series electronic pressure measuring devices are engineered for building automation in HVAC/R industry. The most technologically advanced and versatile electronic differential pressure switches on the market, combining up to two relay outputs and 0–10 V output options.

The DPI includes the following field selectable features:
• Configurable Switching Point: Open on rise or fall in pressure
• Hysteresis of setpoint
• Measurement units (Pa, kPa, mmWC, inWC, mbar)
• Measurement range (4 ranges per model)
• Output signal (0−10 V, NO/NC)
• Span and zero point calibration

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