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With 30 years of experience and under our trademark brand Maltec-H, we are proud to be one of the manufacturers that have been accredited with certifi­cations such as ISO 9001, UKAS, and Standards. Our trademark brand Maltec-T is the only thermocouple that is CE certifi­ed in Malaysia. We are an industry leader in temperature sensor manufacturing for thermocouples, pt 100 sensors, and all other types of customized temperature sensors. Lastly, through our brand Maltec-F, we manufacture and fabricate float switches for level sensing.

Customers prefer us because of our electric heating elements and thermocouples because we are able to advise and recommend designs to suit their exact process requirements. Further, our partner calibration lab allows us to develop the most accurate and reliable temperature sensors in the market for temperature-related applications. Machine makers, equipment fabricators, and HVAC companies engage us for OEM manufacturing because of our cost competitiveness, our cutting-edge technology, and our fast production capabilities.

We are able to make drawings through AutoCAD and so on to demonstrate to machine makers and end-users alike the specifications, information, and designs of our products before it gets delivered. This is because we believe in providing only the best solutions that customers actually desire because at dpstar we believe that product quality is critical and we must deliver customer satisfaction that is unparalleled.

Design Expertise

Dpstar design teams support our partners from conceptual design and feasibility study throughout the life cycle of the equipment. Our design capabilities include :

  • Process heater design
  • Thermal design
  • Electrical design
  • Electronic design (hardware and software)
  • Mechanic design
  • Temperature Control design
  • Hazardous area certification





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