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How to Choose the Best Sensors for Your HVAC Needs

What are the requirements for the CO2 sensors in different standards and certification schemes like ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED? Listen to our on-demand webinar on the requirements for the CO2 sensors in different standards and certification schemes like ASHRAE 90.1 and LEED.  Some key findings showing how the CO2 concentration affects human performance and productivity will also be looked at during the webinar, which might in many cases be a much more important to consider than focusing only on energy consumption.

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Common Pitfalls When Installing HVAC Sensors

Get tips on how to avoid the most common problems when installing HVAC sensors. Choosing the right instrument for your HVAC application and needs is important but it’s just as vital to make sure that your HVAC device is installed correctly. In this webinar Lars Stormbom talks about some of the most common pitfalls when installing some common types of HVAC sensors:

  • Wall mounted humidity and temperature sensors
  • Wall mounted CO2 sensors
  • Duct mounted humidity and temperature sensors
  • Duct mounted CO2 sensors
  • Outdoor Humidity and temperature sensors
  • Outdoor CO2 sensors
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Field-Checking & Maintenance of HVAC Humidity & CO2 Sensors

Learn about the importance of field calibration and what causes sensors to drift. All measurement devices, even those of the highest performance, will drift over time – it’s only a question of how much and how quickly. The more critical the application is, the more frequently calibration of the sensor is required. Field-checking HVAC measurement sensors ensure that they provide accurate and reliable data, which reduces operating costs and saves energy.

Listen to this webinar to learn about:

  • The importance of field-calibration
  • What causes sensors to drift?
  • Field-checking process
  • How to measure CO2 and RH reliably?
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