Dpstar has the engineering, design, and manufacturing capability to provide value-added process heating system solutions for over 30 years and serves a range of clients all over the world. With an uncompromised dedication to our customers, we offer solutions and not just products. Skid mounts, control panels, and other processing components and instruments such as valves, pumps, blowers, piping, temperature sensors, temperature transmitters, and expansion tanks can be provided. We are constantly being challenged by our customers to deliver solutions that solve their heating problems. We have the expertise, technical competence, and ability to manufacture exactly what you are looking for. Dpstar’s in-house design, engineering, and fabrication allow for almost an unlimited possibility of customized/standard applications. Our team will help you select the right heater types, materials, designs, wattages, and more to maximize the efficiency, value, and lifespan of your heater solution. We provide installation as well as guidance on proper care and maintenance to keep your circulation heater running better for longer. When you chose to work with Dpstar, you’ll be working directly with an electric heating expert.  We’ll work to understand your unique application and understand your desired process outcome.

An improper liquid viscosity could gradually slow down the overall processing time of the production. In addition, the product’s final yield and purity could also be affected by a slight deviation of the viscosity. Oil flow viscosity is a very real issue in the oil fields and in other weather-exposed industries that rely on flowing oil. When it gets too cold it sludges up and becomes nearly unusable.  The use of appropriate equipment is particularly critical as oil and gas manufacture generates a lot of contaminants and by-products which may diminish process efficiency. To avoid this type of problem, a heater inline is used to heat the fluid so that at the proper temperature, the viscosity remains unchanged and at the same time process the medium at a desirable steady flow rate. To control the liquid flow rate of the heater, the wattage can be manipulated and regulated to obtain the desired temperature (in other words, the flow rate is directly proportional to the temperature/liquid viscosity).

Dpstar successfully manufactured 140KW Oil Circulation Heater for fuel oil heating with dimension of 11.2mmØ x 2100mm for oil and gas plant. Dpstar oil circulation heaters are used to maintain oil temperature and improve flow characteristics by reducing viscosity. Preheating fuel oils improves combustion efficiency and allows for the use of lower-grade fuel oils. During the operation, the processing fluids proceed to the inlet of the circulation heater, and the medium is forced to pass through the heating elements and flow out from the outlet nozzle with the desired pre-set temperature. In case the application involves with heavy fluids, a circulator pump is used to force the flow to travel around the heating elements while maintaining contact with high constant heat flux. A temperature sensor is located at the heater outlet to measure process temperature and provide process temperature feedback to the temperature control panel or plant control room.

Dpstar offers standard circulation heater designs with or without insulation as well as customized circulation heaters to meet your project-specific application requirements. Dpstar oil circulation heaters can be mounted on the side of tanks, inserted into closed-loop systems, or installed in-line for process heating. The heaters are highly efficient, available with ATEX, CSA, UL, or other certifications and are available in custom designs.

Design & Supply Inline Circulation Heater For Oil & Gas

  • Power Rating : 415V – 140KW
  • Chamber dimension : 324mmØ x 2515mmL (DOSH approved)
  • Flange : 12” ANSI 300Lb flange
  • Heater Size : 11.2mm Ø x 2,100mm U-lg. x 36pcs
  • Heater Material : Stainless Steel SUS316 seamless
  • Application : Oil heating.