Since the 90s, we have solved more process heating challenges and created more unique customized solutions than anyone. Dpstar offers the manufacture, design, selection, and supply of equipment, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of electric cable heating systems of any complexity.  Dpstar is devoted to providing you with the most cost-effective heat and control solution for your application to keep your revenue-generating processes on line. We have a virtually unlimited selection of heaters, controls, and configurations to ensure you get the exact equipment needed for your process and application. We excel at bringing our vast array of solutions and products to your most difficult heating problems no matter how extreme, corrosive, or hazardous your process and environmental conditions are. Dpstar proved its potential and expertise in different industries such as oil and gas, power plant, construction, automotive, and food. This reputation relies not only on a complete range of products but also on a performance range all the way to the commissioning and safe operation of your process. Heating circuit concept and design, support by our engineers in implementing complex installations, documentation following international standards, project management and support long after the start-up phase gives you the confidence of a trusted global player. Thanks to our integrated approach and project implementation control at all stages, our customers can always expect the high quality and efficiency of the installed heat tracing systems.

Storing sensitive industrial liquids is a delicate yet vital operation for industrial environments. Bitumen should always be stored and handled at the lowest temperature possible, consistent with efficient use. At higher temperatures and lower viscosities pumping is optimized; whereas at lower temperatures and higher viscosities pumping efficiency decreases rapidly. Thus, viscosity and its control by temperature is an important consideration with respect to all handling operations. The minimization of bituminous hardening during storing, transportation, and mixing depends on careful control of binder temperature. If no heating is applied to the tanks or vessels it will eventually equal the ambient temperature at which point the heat loss will be zero. To keep equipment above the ambient, it is essential to add heating and insulation to offset the heat loss. The bitumen storage process is highly energy-consuming because pure bitumens are supposed to be maintained at high temperatures that go from 130–150 °C for the softest. The purpose is to keep the viscosity of bitumen at a level that allows to pump it smoothly. In addition, to avoid the risk of damaging its properties by exposing it to a temperature that is lower or higher than its normal range. Through our turn-key solution, we believe we can offer the most cost-effective solution on the market with the lowest risk of Trace Heating failure.  Dpstar industrial tank heating solutions store industrial liquids at the right temperature and minimize energy consumption, no matter the maintained temperature requirements. Safety, reliability, and energy efficiency are guaranteed.

Dpstar successfully installed trace heating systems for a broad range of applications in the industry, we offer a complete service regarding the trace heating of handling and processing bitumen in its liquid state. Heat tracing cable is applied on tanks to maintain the required temperature for all environments, or to ensure products are stored at the correct temperature. We have great experience installing heat trace cables and accessories for temperature maintenance of pressure vessels and storage tanks. We supply all heating materials including all components required for correct operation, as well as switching and control systems tailored to the respective heating system, with the use of regulation devices specially developed for the heating control. We have engineered a low power density on the cable. This has the advantage that the heat is very well distributed on the surface, so no overheating of the product. The heat tracing cabling is attached and insulated on the outside of the tank container to maintain temperature and heat up to 200°C of bitumen and resins. The cable generates heat over the surface of the container which in turn heats up the product inside the container. The system has temperature controllers and sensors that will regulate the product within pre-set parameters.  The heat tracing system is also powered by a generator which is mounted on the tankers or alternatively an external supply is provided if the container is parked.

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Items Supplied

  • Electrical Heat Tracing
  • Temperature Controllers & Sensors
  • Installation & Commissioning