Dpstar specializes in innovative automation and control systems, delivering tailored solutions for water treatment processes. With extensive knowledge and advanced technology, Dpstar ensures precise chemical dosing, rigorous testing, and collaborative customer-centric approaches, guaranteeing the effective implementation of projects. One critical aspect of beach water treatment plants is the efficient and precise dosing of chemicals such as lime and alum. Lime is commonly used for pH adjustment and coagulation, while alum (aluminum sulfate) is employed for coagulation and flocculation purposes. The accurate measurement and controlled application of these chemicals are vital to achieving optimal water treatment outcomes. The lime and alum batching system is a project designed to enhance the dosing process of lime and alum within a beach water treatment plant. This system aims to automate and optimize the batching of these chemicals, ensuring their precise and consistent delivery while minimizing human error and improving operational efficiency.

This project will focus on the development and implementation of a lime and alum batching system that integrates advanced technology, control mechanisms, and process automation. The system will encompass the design and installation of equipment such as chemical storage tanks, feeders, pumps, sensors, and control panels, all working in synergy to ensure precise and efficient dosing. The objective of this project is to design a system that can accurately calculate and deliver the optimal dosage of lime and alum based on specific water quality parameters, such as turbidity, pH levels, and alkalinity, thereby improving the removal of suspended particles, organic matter, and microorganisms. Additionally, the project aims to incorporate automation and monitoring capabilities into the system, enabling real-time adjustments and data analysis for enhanced process control and operational efficiency.

Dpstar successfully implements an advanced alum and lime batching system for water treatment processes. Our solution includes the supply of PLC systems, FLINTEC load cells, FLINTEC weighing controllers, as well as installation and commissioning services. The FLINTEC load cells are integrated into the system to measure the weight of the chemicals, while the FLINTEC weighing controllers process and control the dosage based on the desired quantities. The system operates by first calibrating the load cells to establish accurate weight measurements. The PLC acts as the central control unit, receiving input from the load cells and sending commands to the weighing controllers. Operators input the desired dosage requirements into the system, and the PLC calculates and adjusts the dosing based on the weight measurements. When the water treatment process is initiated, the system activates the appropriate pumps or valves to release the required amount of alum and lime into the treatment process. The load cells continuously monitor the weight changes, providing real-time feedback to the PLC, which ensures precise dosing throughout the entire process. The system also includes comprehensive installation and commissioning services, ensuring proper integration and functionality. Through this solution, operators can rely on the accurate measurement and controlled dosing of chemicals, optimizing the water treatment process’s effectiveness and achieving consistent treatment results.

Item Supplied

  • PLC
  • FLINTEC Load Cell
  • FLINTEC Weighing Controllers
  • Installation & Commissioning