Dpstar is an engineering company providing various innovative solutions to wirelessly monitor temperature, humidity, and a variety of other environmental parameters, allowing better compliance more easily, quality management, and traceability for life sciences, food, shipping, logistics, and pharmaceutical industries. We along with our group companies supply standard products and also, we undertake turnkey projects for all types of measuring instruments, sensor solutions, industrial automation, software, data analytics, monitoring systems, humidity control solutions, and technical solutions. We provide custom-designed solutions incorporating hardware and software. 

A warehouse temperature monitoring system is a technology used to ensure that the ideal temperature, humidity, and other parameters are consistently within thresholds to maintain the good condition of stored items. Excessive humidity in warehouse areas can lead to mildew and mold growth on products, shelves, boxes, and walls. Condensation causes rust and accelerates the corrosion of metal parts. High temperatures can also lead to spoilage of products, especially those sensitive to environmental conditions such as pharmaceuticals, or foodstuffs. 

Dpstar successfully gives our customers peace of mind and assurance that climate-controlled storage and warehouses are monitored to consistently maintain the ideal environment for stored items. We supply HYGROLOG HL-1D data logger to maintain the quality and good condition of items in storage through automated 24/7 readings, timely alerts, and wireless monitoring. Dpstar’s temperature and humidity monitoring system helps our client to discover problems at an early stage. It controls environmental parameters in the real-time mode and notifies responsible persons if any of the settings are above or below the allowed range. They can set individual min/max levels of the temperature and humidity as well as permitted violence time for every sensor. The internal memory can store up to 32,000 data points and includes the HW4-Lite software. Wireless temperature and humidity sensors have water and dust protection. Can use for in-house and outdoor storage control. Data from the monitoring sensors are delivered to the online monitoring portal using LAN/Internet gateway. 

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