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Dpstar is proud to be the leading process industry solution provider offering innovative and high-quality Instrumentation, Sensors, and Analysers, delivering the best solutions for your business. With our extensive range of products and expertise, Dpstar strives to provide the best and most innovative application solutions that you require whilst also ensuring you are supported by our knowledge, understanding, and proficiency. Dpstar not only supplies your instrumentation but we will also expertly install, commission, calibrate and service the products whether initially sourced through us or already installed at your plant. At Dpstar we understand the unique challenges of your industry. Combining our portfolio and technologies with expert consulting and requirements analysis, design and engineering capabilities, and seamless data integration to your systems, we partner with you to provide the optimal industrial process solutions for unlocking the highest levels of performance of your plant. Dpstar offers plant-wide process solutions focused to your applications needs: 

  • Maximize your assets efficiency via operational digital enhancements with a ‘Lean’ process management approach.
  • Meet your quality and compliance monitoring constraints with our ‘Clean’ approach. 
  • Optimize your transfer and storage facilities with our ‘Zero Loss’ quantitative measurement approach. 

Our Strength

Dpstar Process Instrumentation provides you innovative, single-source measurement solutions to increase plant efficiency and enhance product quality. Using our diverse product portfolio, specialized knowledge, and 30 years of experience, we provide suitable solutions together with our customers for new, unique process tasks in a wide variety of industries and applications. Dpstar stands for expertise, quality, and reliability. We know our business better than anyone else and can offer you the most effective solutions on the market. Our expert service and professional support let you focus on your application and help deliver reliable results. We specialize in the following instruments:

Industrial temperature monitoring products include controllers, heaters, thermal imaging, and infrared pyrometers used to measure, monitor and control temperature. Temperature monitoring instruments are used for critical applications where temperatures can easily fluctuate and for maintaining temperatures to prevent equipment damage or failure.

Dpstar offer a comprehensive range of precision humidity measurement devices such as handheld Instruments, data loggers, probes and transmitters for monitoring and control of environmental and process conditions across the industry including explosives atmospheres (ATEX).

Dew point transmitter, sensor and analyzer measure the saturation point of the air in a given application, which is the exact temperature at which water vapor will condense into liquid moisture on surfaces.

The measurement of dissolved oxygen is essential for quality assurance and process control in numerous applications such as aeration control, fermentation or inertization. Our dissolved oxygen meters, probes, solutions, and accessories are designed to offer maximum repeatability and accuracy in your dissolved oxygen readings.

Pressure monitoring products measure and display the units of force on a surface area and are used for safety and quality control in applications involving pressurized liquids, steam, and gas. This process control equipment is widely used across industries ranging from food and beverage production to chemical plants and includes a variety of analog and digital gauges, pressure switches, transmitters, and transducers.

Level instrumentation and process control products from Dpstar include continuous level and point level instrumentation solutions for monitoring dry and liquid levels in tanks, vessels, and silos. We offer a variety of level instrumentation products including hydrostatic pressure transmitters, ultrasonic sensors, guided & through air radar, rotating paddle switches, mechanical floats, and several others.


Industrial gas monitoring products are a critical piece of equipment for industries including mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical where there is an increased risk of gas leaks, explosions or other catastrophic events. Dpstar offers a diverse line of gas analytics products including multi-gas analyzers, flame detection sensors, toxic gas detectors, ambient air monitoring systems, and much more.

Industrial flow instrumentation includes a range of devices that are used to measure the movement of gas and fluids through pipes and other channels. This type of instrumentation includes mechanical flow meters, pressure-based meters, thermal mass flow meters, magnetic flow meters, Coriolis meters, and more. Our flow monitoring instrumentation comes from leading manufacturers and includes a diverse range of offerings to accommodate a wide range of industry applications.

Committed To Improve Plant Performance For Your Success

Dpstar will help you to overcome your specific industry challenges. It is what drives us, it is what defines us. With cutting edge technologies, with deep expertise, with dedicated services, we will enable you to maximize plant performance, minimize operating expenditure, and increase plant availability, all with compliance ensured. Your industry demands no less. Rely on Dpstar Instrumentation Services.

Our Values


We believe that our capacity to transform new ideas and technologies in solutions guarantee the company future.


It is our daily effort to improve and always the will to make it happen to ensure the attractiveness of our solutions.

Customer Focus

Attention to customer concerns, providing value added and innovative solutions to help customers sustain growth.


To be capable of creating results effectively balanced to the economic, social and ecological aspects, getting the preference from our customers.


Be honest, trustworthy, reliable and committed.

Custom Designs & Unique Solutions

We understand that no single solution is applicable to all applications or processes. We maintain the capability to understand and evaluate your unique needs and applications. If a pre-engineered solution does not meet your needs, we will custom-design a solution for you based upon one of our unique technologies. We pride ourselves on our ability, and willingness, to produce unique analyzers and solutions for our customers.

Dpstar devices use state-of-art technology providing better performance of assets, helping process, allowing safe operational results and increasing the plant distribution. Associated to powerful tools, provide easy installation, commissioning, startup, operation maintenance in an economic and safe way. Our products offer high accuracy, easy handling and simple configuration with advanced diagnosis, interoperability, high reliability, flexibility and robustness. Those products can handle the most severe process conditions and still provide accurate and reliable measurements.

Tailored to Fit your Equipment

Dpstar strives to meet your specific service needs and provide the best measurement system solution! We support and service your measurement equipment through its entire life cycle, from installation through calibration, preventative maintenance, and repair.

Our Clients