2-Wire HART 7 Temperature Transmitter – PR Electronics 6437A


  • RTD, TC, potentiometer, linear resistance, and bipolar mV input
  • Single input, dual input, or 2 channels (2×4 terminals)
  • Wide ambient operating temperature of -50 to +85°C
  • Total accuracy from 0.014%
  • 2.5 kVAC galvanic isolation
  • Full assessment to IEC61508: 2010 for use in SIL 2/3 applications”


  • Temperature measurement of a wide range of TC and RTD types.
  • Conversion of wide-span linear resistance and potentiometer inputs to 4…20 mA.
  • Conversion of bipolar mV signals to 4…20 mA.
  • Integration into asset management schemes.
  • Critical applications requiring superior accuracy and/or sensor redundancy and drift detection.


  • True dual input transmitter, accepts the widest range of dual input combinations.
  • Sensor redundancy – output automatically switches to the secondary sensor in event of primary sensor failure, maintaining uptime.
  • Sensor drift detection – alerts when sensor differential exceeds user-defined limits, for maintenance optimization.
  • Dynamic variable mapping for process data in addition to the primary variable e.g. dual input features such as average, differential, and min./max. tracking.
  • Groundbreaking digital and analog signal accuracy over full input span and ambient conditions.
  • Extensive sensor matching including Callendar Van Dusen and custom linearizations.
  • Programmable input limits with runtime metering ensure maximum process traceability and sensor out-of-range protection.
  • IEC 61508: 2010 full assessment up to SIL 3 together with enhanced EMC Functional Safety testing to IEC 61236-3-1.
  • Meets NAMUR NE21, NE43, NE44, NE89, and NE107 compliant diagnostics information.

Mounting / installation / programming

  • DIN rail mounting with up to 84 inputs per meter.
  • Configuration via PReset using PR5909 Loop Link /HART modem, or by Asset Management tool (e.g. Pactware, AMS, HART communicator) for which all relevant DD, eDD, and DTM files are available
  • The 6437A can be mounted in zone 2 and zone 22 / Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D.


Environmental Conditions
Operating temperature -50°C to +85°C (standard) -40°C to +80°C (SIL)
Storage temperature -50°C to +85°C
Calibration temperature 23…25°C
Relative humidity < 99% RH (non-cond.)
Protection degree IP20
Mechanical specifications
Dimensions (HxWxD) 109 x 23.5 x 104 mm
Weight (single input / dual input) 150 g / 160 g
Weight (2 channels) 185 g
Wire size 0.13…2.08 mm2 AWG 26…14 stranded wire
DIN rail type DIN EN 60715/35 mm
Screw terminal torque 0.5 Nm
Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
2…25 Hz ±1.6 mm
25…100 Hz ±4 g
Common specifications
Supply voltage 7.5*…48** VDC
Power dissipation, per channel ≤ 850 mW
Additional min. supply voltage when using test terminals 0.8 V
Min. load resistance at >37 V supply (Vsupply – 37) / 23 mA
Isolation voltage  
Isolation voltage, test / working 2.5 kVAC / 55 VAC
Response time  
Response time 70 ms
Programmable damping 0…60 s
Polarity protection All inputs and outputs
Warm-up time < 5 min.
Start-up time < 2.75 s
Programming Loop Link & HART
Write protection Jumper or software
Signal / noise ratio > 60 dB
Long-term stability, better than ±0.05% of span / year (±0.18% of span / 5 years)
Signal dynamics, input 24 bit
Signal dynamics, output 18 bit
Effect of supply voltage change < 0.005% of span / VDC
Accuracy See manual for details
EMC immunity influence < ±0.1% of span
Extended EMC immunity: NAMUR NE21, A criterion, burst < ±1%
Input specifications
RTD input
RTD type Pt10…10000, Ni10…10000, Cu5…1000
Basic accuracy, e.g. Pt100 ≤ ±0.04°C
Cable resistance per wire 50 Ω (max.)
Effect of sensor cable resistance (3-/4-wire) < 0.002 Ω / Ω
Sensor current < 0.15 mA
Sensor error detection None, Shorted, Broken, Shorted or Broken
TC input  
Thermocouple type B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, W3, W5, LR
Basic accuracy, e.g. TC K ≤ ±0.25°C
Cold junction compensation (CJC) Constant, internal or external via a Pt100 or Ni100 sensor
Sensor error detection None, Shorted, Broken, Shorted or Broken
Linear resistance input  
Measurement range / min. range (span) 0 Ω…100 kΩ / 25 Ω
Cable resistance per wire (max.) 50 Ω
Sensor current < 0.15 mA
Sensor error detection None, Broken
Potentiometer input
Potentiometer min….max. 10 Ω…100 kΩ
Measurement range / min. range (span) 0…100% / 10%
Cable resistance per wire (max.) 50 Ω
Sensor current < 0.15 mA
Sensor error detection None, Shorted, Broken, Shorted or Broken
mV input  
Measurement range -800…+800 mV (bipolar) -100 to 1700 mV
Min. measurement range (span) 2.5 mV
Input resistance 10 MΩ
Sensor error detection None, Broken
Output specifications
Common output specifications
Normal range, programmable 3.8…20.5 / 20.5…3.8 mA
Extended range (output limits), programmable 3.5…23 / 23…3.5 mA
Basic accuracy ≤ ±1.6 μA (0.01% of full output span)
Updating time 10 ms
Load (@ current output) ≤ (Vsupply -7.5)/0.023 [Ω]
Load stability < 0.01% of span / 100 Ω
Sensor error indication Programmable 3.5…23 mA
NAMUR NE 43 Upscale/Downscale > 21 mA / < 3.6 mA
HART protocol revisions HART 7 and HART 5
Observed authority requirements
EMC 2014/30/EU
EAC Pending
RoHS 2011/65/EU
IECEx IECEx DEK. 16.0029X
CSA 70066266
c FM us FM16US0287X / FM16CA0146X
EAC Ex RU C-DK.GB.98.V.00192
EU RO Mutual Recognition Type Approval MRA0000023
SIL SIL 2 / SIL 3 certified & fully assessed acc. to IEC 61508
* / ** See manual for details


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