Differential Pressure Transmitter – Aplisens PRE-28 Series


  • Overloads up to 420 bar total static pressure
  • Accuracy 0,25%
  • Any range from 0…16 mbar up to 0…25 bar
  • Intrinsic safety certificate (ATEX, IECEx)
  • Marine certificate – DNV, BV

The PRE-28 transmitter is applicable to the measurement of differential pressure of gases, vapors and liquids.

The active element is a piezoresistance silicon sensor separated from the medium by separating diaphragm and a specially selected type of manometric fluid. The special design of the active sensing element ensures withstanding the pressure surges and overloads of up to 413 bar. The electronics is placed in a casing with a degree of protection IP65, IP67, depending on the type of electrical connection applied.


Measuring Range 25 mbar 100 mbar 1 bar 2 bar 25 bar
Overpressure Limit
Static Pressure Limit
(repeated, without hysteresis)
250 bar (option 413 bar)
(40 bar for P type process connection)
Accuracy 0,4% 0,4% 0,25%
Long term stability 0,6% / year 0,2% / year 0,1% / year
Thermal error Typically 0,6% / 10°C
max 1% / 10°C
Typically 0,3% / 10°C
max 0,4% / 10°C
Typically 0,2% / 10°C
max 0,3% / 10°C
Zero shift error for static pressure* 0,1% / 10 bar
Output signal 4…20 mA, two wire transmission
0…10 V, three wire transmission
Power supply
output 4..20 mA 8…36 VDC (Ex 9…28 VDC)
version TR: 10,5…36 VDC (Ex 12…28 VDC)
output 0..10 V 13…30 VDC
Error due to supply voltage changes 0,005% (FSO) / V
Load resistance R≥ 20kΩ


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