Float Switches – Maltec-F MLS – 5 / MLS – 25S


– Compact design.
– Low cost
– High reliability and long switch life.


The stem of this liquid float switches contains a hermetically sealed reed switch. The float contains a permanent magnet. As the float rises of falls with the level of the liquid, the reed switch is activated by the magnet. The operation of the switch, normally open or normally closed, is easily changed by removing a retainer and inverting the float.

MALTEC-F model: MLS-5 and MLS-25S (L-shaped) float switches have been designed for reliable operation in
small tanks and container.


  • Marine Industry.
  • Power station equipment.
  • Automatic vending machine.
  • Food industry.
  • Waste-water/pure water processing.
  • Small collection tanks.


 Model MLS-5 MLS-25S
Material: Stem Float Retainer 316SS 316SS
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 120°C -20 ~ 120°C
Pressure Rating 20 bar 20 bar
Switch Rating 50VA / 240VAC 50VA / 240VAC
Operating Current 0.5 A 0.5 A
Mounting Vertical Horizontal
Liquid Specific Gravity Min. 0.8 0.8
Lead Wire PVC Wire, 1 meter PVC Wire, 1 meter


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