Gems LS-10 Single-Point Leak Detection Sensor


  • Dependable Long Service Life
  • Fits Small Interstitial Spaces
  • Easy Maintenance

Gems LS-10 Series Single-Point Leak Detection Sensor accurately detects the presence of liquid in fiberglass double-wall tanks, containment sumps, and double-wall pipes. This reusable leak detection sensor easily fits small, interstitial spaces and senses liquid hydrocarbons or water. The unit is unaffected by hydrocarbon vapor, thereby reducing the risk of false alarms. The LS-10 sensor’s rounded design makes it easy to remove, clean, and reinstall after an alarm condition is triggered, or for maintenance.


Typical Applications

  • Fiberglass Double-Wall Tanks
  • Double Wall Pipes
  • Containment Sumps
  • Piping Sumps


  • General Industry
  • HVAC/R


  • General Industry
  • General Industry – Alarm Panels
  • General Industry – Appliance
  • General Industry – Environmental
  • General Industry – Other
  • HVAC/R – Evaporators
  • HVAC/R – General HVAC
  • HVAC/R – Other
  • HVAC/R Equipment