Industrial Air Sterilizer With Plasma Technology – Wulute IC Series


  • Sterilized air within 30 minutes, with a 360-degree system that destroys pathogens reducing odour, allergens, mould spores, dust particles, viruses, and germs.
  • Compact design so it fits perfectly in any small space.
  • Safely destroys 99.7% of germs and viruses while they’re still in the air or on surfaces utilising Plasma technology, improving air quality by releasing millions of ions to react with pathogens and ultimately destroy them.
  • Boasts molecular control, biological control, and o-zone free technology, providing the safest, most effective air sterilization experience

Wulute Air Sterilizer For Your Safe Place From Germ & Viruses

Verified by many cases from prestigious institutions, Wulute’s performance demonstrates that 99.7% of germs and viruses are sterilized within 30 minutes, through effective plasma technology. In addition, Wulute has acquired KOUVA AS 02 certification, which is one of the most stringent certificates in the domestic sterilizer industry. It is the product that is safer and more effective than any other products
based on chemical disinfection or Ultraviolet technology.

Based on the plasma technology, Wulute has published many articles in peer-reviewed journals and possessed verification materials confirmed by public certificate authority, winning Minister Award of Industrial Material in 2018. Currently, Wulute works with Korean National Tuberculosis Association, National Masan Hospital, Seoul National University Hospital, Korea Expressway Corporation, Korea Aerospace Research Institute, as an official partner of 2020 Prevention of Infectious Disease in Public Place.

How Plasma Air Technology Works

Wulute prevents infectious diseases through safe plasma system, without air filter. Wulute generates low-temperature plasma by employing Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD). Plenty of low-temperature plasma contains Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Reactive Nitrogen Species (RNS). They destroy viruses; microorganism; and cell membrane and DNA of pathogen, converting the entities to H2O and O2, which is not inoxuous to human.

Under the same mechanism, low-temperature plasma engulfs TVOC and HCHO (formaldehyde) and then decompose them, annihilating altogether. For fine dust, the plasma induces the dust to aggregate itself and then settle, the process that prevents the ingestion of dust through human respiratory system.

Unlike air sterilizer using the other technology, Wulute effectively and safely sterilizes various viruses and pathogens either in atmosphere or on surfaces.

How Bipolar Ionization Works to Clean the Air of Pollutants

Plasma Air uses bipolar ionization technology to proactively purify indoor air at the source of contamination. Much like sunlight does in the atmosphere, Plasma technology produces a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions. The negative ions contain an extra electron while the positive ions are missing an electron resulting in an unstable condition. In an effort to restabilize, these bipolar ions seek out atoms and molecules in the air to trade electrons with, effectively neutralizing particulate matter, bacteria and virus cells, odorous gases and aerosols, and VOCs.

  1. Ions are dispersed into the air. Positive and negative ions are created using water vapor in the air.
  2. Ions actively attach to and break down pollutants. The ions neutralize their charge by pulling apart airborne pollutants, thereby reducing the pollutants in the air.
  3. Ions return to the air as invisible water vapor.


  • Office
  • House
  • Shop
  • Bar / restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Laboratory
  • Hospital
  • Medical office
  • Waiting room
  • Classrooms
  • Gym



Model WULUTE IC Series
Size Depending on the installation conditions
Weight 7.2kg~9kg
Capacity 400 / 500 / 800 / 1000m²
Energy 60w
Certified FDA



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