TTK FG-ALS4-OD Locating Units


  • Locating Leak Detection System
  • 4 Independent Zones
  • 4 Simultaneous Leaks can be Detected
  • Touch Screen Display
  • MODBUS/JBUS Integration
  • Exclusive for Hydrocarbon Sense Cable

TTK FG-ALS4-OD, Four Zones Alarm & Locating System Unit is designed to be used with TTK hydrocarbon addressable sense cables to give instant detection and location of liquid (non-conductive hydrocarbon liquids and solvent). In the event of liquid leak or default on the sense cables for each zone, the responses from the FG-ALS4-OD alarm & locating unit:

  • An audible alarm is triggered and a relay is activated.
  • The touch screen of the panel displays the zone, the location of the leak (to the nearest cable) and details of the fault (the type of fault leak or cable break).
  • Report to the BMS via a JBUS/MODBUS protocol.

The FG-ALS4-OD, is a cost-effective solution for non-conductive hydrocarbon liquids and solvent leak detection. Ideal for small and medium applications where accurate leak location is required.



Compatibility FG-OD, FG-ODC, FG-ODR range of hydrocarbon sense cables
Point detector: FG-ODP
Enclosure Type ABS flame retardant UL94V0
Operating Temperature  -5°C to 55°C
Serial Interface Physical Support Optoisolated two wire RS485
Serial Link Parameters 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop, no parity
Supported Protocol MODBUS, function 3
Relays Type: Leak + Cable Break 5 SPDT single contact NO-NC
Relay Max. Switching Voltage 125VAC and 220VDC
Relay Max. Switching Capacity 60W (30V x 2A)
Power Consumption 5 VA
Supply Voltage 100-240Vac – 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W,H,D)  168 x 153 x 56 mm

Electrical Specification

Power Supply 100-240VAC N : Neutral / L : Line / : Earth
RS485 R1 : COM / R2 : RT+ / R3 : RT-
Cable Break Relay R1 : NO / R2 : COM / R3 : NC
Leak Relay R1 : NO / R2 : COM / R3 : NC
FG-CLOD Leader Cable B : White wire / C : Black wire / D : Red wire

Identification Codes

FG-ALS4-OD F Analog Touchscreen Panel 4 Zones (Wall mounted) 100-240VAC – Oil Detection Sensors
FG-OD20, FG-OD12,
Addressable Oil Sensing Cable in 20, 12, 7, 3 m with Connectors
FG-CLOD Leader Cable, on ‘OD Bus 8771’
FG-TMOD Digital End Plug on ‘OD Bus 8771’ for FG-OD Cable
FG-NOD N ‘OD Bus 8771’ Neutral Cable ‘N’ (30, 15, 7, 3, 1m) With Connectors
CF-OD50 50 Hold-down Clips with Adhesive for Oil Cables
ES-OD 40 Tags for Oil Cable


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