Magnetic Float Level Switch – Finetek FCX/FDX


  • Single or Multiple point liquid magnetic float level switch customized to your application
  • Simple installation and high reliability
  • Cost-effective design
  • High temperature and explosionproof units available
  • Marine grade approval

The FC/FD series is a magnetic float level switch product line based upon two principles, buoyancy and magnetism. The floats of the FC/FD magnetic float level switch are designed for a specific minimum fluid density (specific gravity), based upon the volume and weight of the float elements. The floats contain a magnet and the stationary stem can incorporate the reed switches corresponding to each float. The reed switches open or close their electrical contacts when the magnetic element in the floats come in contact with the reed switch locations in the stem. The reed switches will reverse their contact state when the magnet in the float element moves away from the location of the reed switches in the stem. The FC/FD float level switch is more cost-effective than competing technologies when multiple switch points are required from a single point of entry in a vessel.


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