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  • The ceramic IR heaters are highly efficient.
  • Ceramic infrared heater offers precise targeting and control with minimal peripheral heat.
  • It is possible to apply heat only where and when it is required.
  • The energy in an infrared heater is transmitted at the speed of light from the element to the product.
  • A constant rate of heating is obtained because the source temperature is normally much higher than that of the product even at the end of the heating cycle.

Black Infrapara Ceramic Heater consists of coiled 80/20 nickel chrome resistance wire which is connected to terminal pins and properly centred and imbedded in a high-grade black metal oxides ceramics tube. The tube can fill with high quality magnesium oxide and compressed to ensure a rapid heat transfer. This heater can be custom design to required length, kilowatt rating and voltage.

Infrapara heaters consist of black body ceramic that emits far infrared wavelength in the infrared spectrum. This range of infrared wavelength is most well absorbed by high molecular compound i.e. polymers such as paint, plastic, printing ink, synthetic resin, fiber, etc. The good energy absorption means that this type of heater is more effective and hence more economical in terms of energy saving. The surface temperature of the heater ranges from 300°C to over 700°C depending on its wattage. The Infrapara heaters have long been used in the industry for various kinds of heating and drying applications.


Black Ceramic Tube, as alternative tubular heating element can be used.

Typical Application

  • Heating plastic films and sheets in various forming applications
  • Packaging
  • Softening of plastic sheets before embossing
  • Gelling paste coats on fabrics
  • Hardening of synthetic threads
  • Activation of thermal adhesives
  • Drying synthetic emulsions
  • Heating of paper pulp
  • Thermal hardening of lacquered paper and cardboard
  • Drying of skins and spray-coated leather
  • Quick drying of gummed and glued paper
  • Drying and burning-in of protective varnish in cans and tubes
  • Drying and burning-in of lacquered sheet-metal parts
  • Burning-in of powder coating
  • Drying the glaze on ceramic tiles
  • Quick hardening of cement
  • Tempering layered glass
  • Preheating the welding seams in pipe construction
  • Adherence of sound-absorbing mats in the consumer goods and automobile industries
  • Heating climatic chambers
  • Drying fabrics
  • Accelerating glue curing
  • Hardening of epoxy resins
  • Various food applications including baking, drying, heating, warming and melting


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