Maltec-T MT8000-2R RTD Multipoint Sensor – Contacting Fixture Design


  • Effectively oversee temperature profiles across various applications, such as identifying hot spots in reactors
  • Single-step insertion capable of accommodating up to 60 independent measurement points
  • Compact design for individual measurement points
  • Lowers the expense of individual measurement points
  • Sensing elements are replaceable individually on-site
  • A full assembly consisting enclosure, sensor and protective tube can be ordered

Maltec-T MT8000-2R RTD Multipoint Sensor – Contacting Fixture Design

The Maltec-T MT8000-2R Multipoint Sensor is tough and lasts a long time. It usually comes as a 4-wire RTD and can measure up to 12 points. the Maltec-T MT8000-2R is used when a high local resolution is not required. You can get it with or without thermowells.

If your equipment needs an RTD signal, this sensor is the best solution. But if you’re using transmitters and need more measurement points or a wider temperature range, you might want to consider a thermocouple sensor like the Maltec-T MT8000F.


The Maltec-T MT8000-2R offers two different element fixation methods:

1) Radial spring design
This design provides very good thermal contact between the RTD and the thermowell, making it respond quickly. A spring presses the RTD against the inside of the thermowell. If you order it without a thermowell, it will shipped as a coil. The individual RTD elements cannot be replaced.

2) Spacer design
This design uses spacer disks to place the resistance elements correctly. You can’t replace the individual RTD elements and for shipping, the spacer design can’t be coiled up, with or without a thermowell.

Radial Spring and Spacer Design (PT100 RTD)

Dpstar Group is the largest manufacturer of thermocouples based in Malaysia. We design and manufacture a complete line of high-quality standard and custom temperature sensors including thermocouples, RTD’s, thermowells, and float switches as well as a wide selection of temperature accessories. Through our engineering capabilities and 30 years of experience, our trademark brand Maltec-T is the only CE-certified manufacturer for thermocouples in Malaysia. With extensive experience, unique technology, and hard commitment, we become one of the best quality suppliers in the temperature sensors field. We offer a full range of design services to provide you with the benefit of our knowledge and experience.


Functional Number of measuring points: 2 to 12
Temperature limits: -40 to 450 °C (-40 to 842 °F)
Physical Physical dimensions: Thermowell Required Diameters for the Radial Spring and Spacer Design
Number of mesurement points O.D. I.D.
2 to 8 73 mm 2.9 inch 59 mm 2.3 inch
9 to 20 88.9 mm 3.5 inch 73.7 mm 2.9 inch
Length limits:
1) 10 m (33 ft) with thermowell
2) 30 m (99 ft) without thermowell– Radial Spring design only
Performance Ambient temperature limits:
For the enclosures and transmitters is –40 to 80 °C (–40 to 176 °F)
Insulation resistance:
Greater than 1000 MOhms at room temperature, test voltage is 500 VDC
Accuracy in Accordance to DIN EN 60751:
A ±(0.15K+0.0020*|t|)
B ±(0.30K+0.0050*|t|)
“t” is the temperature in °C

Ordering Information

Model Product description
MT8000-2R Maltec-T MT8000-2R RTD Multipoint Profiling Sensor–Contacting Fixture Design
Code Element fixation method
1 Radial springs design
2 Spacer design
Code  Thermocouple type Operating temperature range
A Pt100 Class A -40°C to 450°C -40°F to 842°F
B Pt100, Class B -40°C to 450°C -40°F to 842°F
Code  Number of measurement points
05 5
08 8
12 12
XX Other quantities (minimum. 02; maximum. 12)
Code Transmitter mounting hardware Maximum measuring points
A With mounting hardware 12
N   With no transmitter hardware (terminal strips only) 12
Code Enclosure type Material IP rating  NEMA rating
A EEx d CENELEC Flameproof Approved (consult factory for availability) Aluminum 65 NEMA 4
B EEx e CENELEC Increased Safety Approval (consult factory for availability) Aluminum 65 NEMA 4
C EEx i Intrinsically Safety acc. EN 50014 and EN 50020 with manufacturer declaration for Ex i use in Zone 1 Aluminum 65 NEMA 4
D Standard aluminum Aluminum 65 NEMA 4
E Standard polyester Polyester 65 NEMA 4
S Special enclosure type (Configuration Data Sheet required)
Code Enclosure entry
1 Single multi-core cable gland
2 Multiple cable glands M20 x 1.5 (one per measurement point)
3 Han-Plug connection IP65
4 Customer specified–consult factory (Configuration Data Sheet required)
Code  Thermowell material Maximum temperature
D Stainless steel – DIN 1.4404 (ANSI 316L) 450 °C 842 °F
P Heat resistant steel–DIN 1.7380 (ANSI 182-F22) 750°C 1382 °F
S Special tube material – customer specified (Configuration Data Sheet required) Consult factory
N No thermowell
Code Thermowell diameter
A Standard
C Customer specified (Configuration Data Sheet required)
Code  Measurement point distribution
A Equally distributed points (last point placed approx 50 mm from the bottom of the thermowell)
C Customer specified (Configuration Data Sheet required)
Code First measurement point location-distance from base of mounting flange
00500 500 mm (20 in)
01000 1000 mm (39 in)
02000 2000 mm (79 in)
03000 3000 mm (118 in)
04000 4000 mm (158 in)
XXXXX Other lengths
Code  Mounting style – flange material= DIN 1.4404 (ANSI 316L) Process connection
F36 Flanged, ANSI 2-in. Class 300 RF
F74 Flanged, ANSI 2½-in. Class 300 RF
F76 Flanged, ANSI 3-in. Class 300 RF
F54 Flanged, ANSI 2-in. Class 600 RF
F78 Flanged, ANSI 2½-in. Class 600 RF
F80 Flanged, ANSI 3-in. Class 600 RF
F72 Flanged, ANSI 2-in. Class 900 RF
F82 Flanged, ANSI 2½ -in. Class 900 RF
F84 Flanged, ANSI 3-in. Class 900 RF
D26 Flanged, DIN DN 50 PN 25/40
CDS Customer specified (Configuration Data Sheet required)
Code Additional options
Special tagging and configuration options
C1 Customer specified tagging (Configuration Data Sheet Required)
Thermowell options
Q8 Thermowell material certification, DIN EN 10204 3.1B
R01 Thermowell pressure testing
R03 Thermowell dye penetration  testing
R07 Full penetration weld
R16 Ring joint flange (ASME B16.5 ANSI flanged thermowell only)
Process connection options
P01 Leak check valve
Typical model number: MT80002R   1   A   08   A   D   1   D   A   01000   A   00500   F36   R01


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