Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Higher Corrosion Resistance – Tecsis P2700 / P2701 / P2703 / P2710 / P2711 / P2713


  • Flushing and vent connection for the measuring chamber
  • Solid front design
  • High overload protection
  • Accuracy class 1.6 (EN 837-3)
  • Corrosion resistant to aggressive media and environment
  • With or without alarm contact or current output
  • Precise display resulting from liquid dampening
  • Connection position bottom, radial

The process medium chambers (+) and (-) of these differential pressure gauges are separated by a diaphragm. The difference in pressure between the (+) and (-) -medium chambers deflects the diaphragm. This deflection (measured travel) is transmitted to the pointer via a push rod causing a pointer deflection in proportion to the difference in pressure. Metal bellows seal the two pressure chambers off from the gauge case.

  • Metal supporting elements guarantee overload protection.
  • The two downward outgoing process connections (G1/4 i) are made of corrosion resistant solid materials.
  • For mounting purposes, it should be noted that:
    • (+) represents high pressure and (-) low pressure.
  • The pressure connection position may be varied according to the installation conditions DT-GM 8608 176.
  • The measuring element is tamper proof.
  • The gauges can be used with gaseous, liquid and also chemically aggressive media as well as in aggressive environments, but not in highly viscous or crystallizing media.


  • Level measurement, filter monitoring
  • Applications for measuring points with a high differential pressure overload
  • Chemical and process engineering, food industry


Nominal size ND 100 und ND 160
Measuring ranges 0 …   16 mbar to 0 … 25 bar
0 … 400 mbar to 0 … 40 bar


Tecsis P2700/P2701/P2703/P2710/P2711/P2713 – Mechanical Pressure Gauges | Higher Corrosion Resistance-DpstarGroup