Optional External Timer – Flexelec FX / HOR


  • Weekly programme
  • Vertical analogue face
  • Programming in 2 h segments
  • Power reserve 100 h
  • Output: 16A rated contact
  • Dimensions: 1 x 17.5 mm module

Through our deep knowledge and experience, we are able to supply electrical heat tracing systems and solutions to achieve both dynamic heat up and temperature maintenance applications in Oil and Gas, Palm Oil, Food Industry, and others. We understand your requirements and we are specialists in Electrical Heat Tracing solutions and provide reliable systems and solutions. Dpstar is responsible, trustworthy, and accountable you can count on.

Power Modulators 

Heating cables permit temperature maintenance on domestic hot water installations. To fight against bacterial development, a power modulator plays the role of an energy dispenser. This electrical device adjusts the heating cables running time to the real needs of the installation. In option, a clock can program the periods when the power modulator will work 100%.

This external timer will work in association with the power moulator FX/DC1P on the hot water networks pipes. The timer FX/HOR is adjustable and could set up the time period when the heating element will switch on. It is hightly recommended to use it with the power modulator FX/DC1P.


  • Keep warm the hot water with heating cable.


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