Setra ASM High Accuracy Pressure Transducer


  • High Accuracy: ±0.05% FS
  • End Point Method Linearity
  • Low Differential Pressure Ranges
  • High Overpressure Capability: >10X Range
  • Low Thermal Error
  • Excellent Stability: <0.15% FS/YR
  • Calibrate Using SecureCal™ Calibration Key
  • High Line Pressure Capability
  • Unidirectional & Bidirectional Models Available

Dpstar is an authorized distributor of Setra Systems. We provide our customers with the best selection of instrumentation and equipment with unrivaled prices to perform in Pressure Sensing Solutions. Setra’s pressure sensors are known for their quality and reliability. Designed with premium capacitive sensing technology, Setra offers single-range and multi-range (field selectable) pressure sensors. Capable of measuring both liquid and gasses, Setra has the product to meet a breadth of HVAC applications and can be trusted in your most critical applications. Trust Setra’s over 50 years of pressure transducer engineering excellence.

Setra’s Model ASM is the highest accuracy transducer for measuring gauge, absolute, compound and vacuum pressure in the AccuSense™ product line. Its ±0.05% FS accuracy is calibrated using the “End Point Method”, which improves linearity when compared to competitive transducers which use the “Best Fit Straight Line Method” of calibration. The ASM’s calibration is tamper proof by utilizing a SecureCal™ calibration key, which eliminates inadvertent adjustments, while allowing authorized users to adjust the sensor’s calibration coefficients for a true sensor calibration. The design of the ASM offers class leading overpressure capability and multiple pressure and electrical fittings for a wide range of applications.


Key Benefits

  • High Accuracy For Demanding Applications
    The Model ASM pressure transducer uses a resonant variable capacitance sensor. This sensor is linearized and thermally compensated through a computerized curve fitting algorithm that optimizes the sensor’s linearity for maximum accuracy in demanding applications.
  • Robust Design & Construction for Reliable Service
    The Model ASM is designed and built to withstand demanding applications. The laser welded sensor construction, designed with a positive overpressure stop, enables the sensor to resist overpressure conditions up to 10X in all pressure ranges.
  • Secure and Fast Calibration & Service
    The Model ASM is ideal for the Test & Measurement industry because it adheres to the stringent accuracy requirements. In order to make adjustments, the ASM utilizes the SecureCal™ calibration key, providing secure calibration. The SecureCal™ provides the ability to calibrate zero and span coefficients through a simple push button and rotary adjustment dial. The SecureCal™ also offers the option to restore factory defaults for fail-safe sensor calibration.


  • Engine Test Stands
  • Particle Test & Analysis
  • Industrial (High Accuracy)
  • Manifold Pressure
  • Refrigeration Testing



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