Siemens MSI Belt scale Milltronics


  • Outstanding accuracy and repeatability
  •  Unique parallelogram style load cell design
  •  Fast reaction to product loading; capable of monitoring fast moving belts
  •  Rugged construction
  • SABS approval (South Africa), OIML, MID, and Measurement Canada

Siemens MSI Belt scale Milltronics is a robust, highly precise full-frame single idler belt scale intended for process and load-out control. Please be aware that the idler is not provided with the belt scale.


Measuring principle Strain gauge load cells measuring load on
belt conveyor idler(s)
Typical application Control in fractionated stone blending tunnels
Accuracy ± 0.5 % or better of totalization over
20 … 100 % operating range
Repeatability ± 0.1 %
Degree of protection IP67, IP65 on hazardous approved models
Output 2 ± 0.002 mV/V excitation (nominal) at rated
load cell capacity
Material temperature -50 … +200 °C (-58 … +392 °F)


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